1. Bull's eye!

    Date: 5/11/2018, Categories: Cuckold, Author: singlecuckold, Source: LushStories

    I had been thinking about it and reached a decision. It was high time to bed Ingrid. I knew her for some time now, and the thought of her haunted me continuously. Oh, oh, oh, what a beautiful chick she was! Tall and blonde; a slender neck (she usually wears her hair pinned up high); clear blue eyes, sensual lips, beautiful big breasts, exquisite tall legs. Everything, really everything about her was desirable. And she radiated sex! She usually wore clothes that accentuated her beauty well, and high stiletto heels on her feet that made her wiggle seductively when she walked. And an inviting smile, or at least, I hoped I could interpret it like that. Of course, I should have had her a long time before. I’m not a man to waste a chance of sex when I think I see it. But well, the right opportunity never presented itself. I had made her acquaintance at a dancing school, where I certainly hadn’t wasted the opportunity to flirt with her a little. She had seemed receptive to that too. But there were always other people around. We had phoned each other a couple of time for a date (she also phoned me, that was encouraging), but every time something interfered. She couldn’t make herself available at the times that I could, or it was the other way around, or there were still others about. Especially a certain guy named Jan, also from the dancing school, was continually circling around her. He wanted her too, that was clear. Sometimes I even wondered if he had already acquired the place in ... her life (in her arms and her cunt, I mean) that I wanted. This time, I had gone to her place just to take a chance. I had greeted her with my usual sigh, “Oh Ingrid, how beautiful you are today!” She had thanked me, blushing heavily, and I enjoyed the ticking sound of her high heels on the stone floor, as she walked before me to the living room. She looked as if she was all ready for it. Swaying buttocks, a sexy narrow skirt, a seductive smile when she looked at me over her shoulder. But who do you think was there sitting on the couch? This Jan again! Damn! No chance again! But Ingrid smiled very sweetly at me, and seemed glad to see me. Well, I might just as well try to have a nice evening anyway. The subject of their conversation had been rather fitting, women and sex! I did feel a bit uneasy when I wondered why they had been talking about that. Had she made herself so sexy for Jan? Ah, no, I thought immediately. She always looks so gorgeous. She’s awfully attractive and wants men to see that, too! Well, the subject of women and sex was a good point to join in the conversation. I enjoy it very much when a woman has such a sensual radiance about her, and I made her feel that with a few well-placed remarks. It’s a specialty of mine, if I may say so myself, to make flirtatious jokes, not coarse but light and witty, to make a woman feel she’s appreciated. If she is susceptible for that, that can be a prelude to a lot of pleasure. And susceptible she was, I could see it in her ...