1. Sunday driver

    Date: 5/12/2018, Categories: Masturbation / Toys, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: dramtolive2, Source: xHamster

    It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, not unlike most I suppose. It was getting a little late in the day, and I was starting to think about getting ready for the week ahead. Outside the rain had been falling off and on throughout the day, and the air smelled sweet like it does after a good rain. Fall was definitely in the air. I was staring out the window, lost in my own thoughts about what the week would bring, when he said, “let’s go for a drive.”I lept at the chance to have something to do, not thinking about where we would go or really what we would do. Just excited for a change of scenery. He seemed oddly excited about a Sunday evening drive, and I should have probably guessed something more was up. I was still wearing the clothes I had on from being out earlier in the day, black tights with a black tank top under a brown, cozy sweater. I hadn’t bothered with a bra today, since it was also a laundry day and I like the smooth feel of the tank top on my nipples. Nothing would show through the heavy brown sweater anyway.I jumped in the passenger seat of the car, and away he drove me, down through the farms, freshly harvested fields and turned dirt passed by the window. There was an occasional car passing in the opposite direction, but we were mostly alone on our drive. We chatted from time to time about various things. I’m enjoying the drive and drawing closer to him through our conversation. In fact, I’m feeling like I want to fuck him immediately when we get home. He knows how ... to seduce me, and boys, it is rarely with a picture of his dick, although I enjoy that too. I’m here on this site after all, and who doesn’t like to see a big cock fucking, but if you really want to get a woman relaxed and feeling safe in the intimacy, then you have to talk to her and work the mind before the body will become unbridled and willing to try anything. That or get me just a little d***k. Ha!We’re passing by unknown fields, through winding roads, and he leans slightly my way and lays his hand op my inner thigh, and I get a shiver through my pussy. His pinky finger occasionally touches my now wet pussy, and I am only thinking about mounting him when we get home. He has other plans though.“Take off your clothes,” he says completely out of the blue.“What?” I reply, somewhat surprised by his request.“Take off your clothes,” he repeats. “I’m not going to ask again.”I sit in silence for a moment, contemplating the risk. It isn’t dark really, and there are other cars on the road, and we are passing by the occasional house. This isn’t a real rural, isolated area. I don’t mind showing my body, obviously, but I don't make a practice of walking, or driving, around with my tits hanging out for others to see. This site is more of an escape for me, because in the “normal” part of my life, people would never expect what I share here. But, he did ask, and I am VERY wet at this point, so I decide to take my tits out of my shirt.“That’s not what I said. Now take off your clothes,” ...