1. Not A Normal Day

    Date: 5/12/2018, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: edgiver83, Source: LushStories

    At some time in the future Linda Greer would enjoy recalling the unexpected way she was feeling on that day, not to mention the eventual outcome. Although having, what she considered to be, a normal healthy attitude to sex, she had never found the need to chase after it. There had been occasions when she could go months without it. Although such times were never desirable, she could always bury herself in her writing to help any needs to pass. Since losing her virginity in a forgettable manner, when she was eighteen, she had been involved in a few short-term affairs, some of them quite pleasant, many leaving her thinking that sex could be a very overrated pastime. Why, at age thirty five, she had chosen to marry Herbert Linkler, twenty years her senior, she would never know. Not true, of course, she did know. He was an extremely handsome man, distinguished, with abundant charm, a pleasing manner, and a ready wit. The fact that he was a fabulously wealthy entrepreneur, she only learned after she had agreed to marry him. What she learned after they were married and then, his shock admission, which she might have guessed, led to their early divorce agreement, in which Linda got to keep this large house set in two acres of grounds. So it was, on this particular day, that Linda stepped out onto the wide patio at the rear of the house, and stood viewing the extensive sunlit lawn and the shaded tree area almost three hundred metres away. She had spent the morning writing in her ... studio upstairs, trying to shed the strange sensations that had made her skin tingle when she had taken her shower that morning. The thrill caused by rubbing her soaped hands over her breasts and belly had astonished her. This was something she did every day but it had never produced this near-elation. She had to use a sponge to wash between her thighs as she feared what affect her own fingers would have sliding over her vulva. By now, she had passed it off as some kind of spasm, but the eroticism of the moment stuck in her mind. Her Shih Tzu, Pipsi, came snuffling alongside her, looking, wide eyed up at her, hoping there might be a treat in store. Linda bent and scratched Pipsi behind the ears causing her tail to wag. “My sole companion, aren’t you, Pipsi?” she said gently. “Come on, we’ve some gardening to do.” There was a regular old gardener who came along fortnightly to tend to most of the bigger jobs, but Linda had noticed some weeds among the geranium patch near the front gate, and had armed herself with a trowel, a kneeler and a light bucket to hold any weeds. Normally for a task like this she might have worn a shirt and jeans, but the day being so pleasantly warm she wore only her button-up pale blue summer dress over a thin pair of panties. No bra, Linda’s breasts were firm enough, and being proud of that, she rarely wore one. Pipsi raced ahead of her, sniffing eagerly along the wall that separated the adjacent properties. A wall so high that Laura hardly knew the ...