1. Her Sweet Little Bitch

    Date: 5/12/2018, Categories: BDSM, Author: byBADgirl121090, Source: Literotica

    He walked in through the front door. It took him a moment to realize she was wearing black leather. Her boots were tall, and shiny, coming up past her knees. Her soft white legs were encased in fishnet, and at the juncture of her thighs, he expected to find her pussy clad in her usual skimpy lace panties. He was wrong. Between her legs was a large purple strap on, jutting out perhaps 8 or 10 inches. It appeared to be attached to a leather harness that was snuggly secure around her soft ass. His mouth, parted slightly in anticipation already, dropped open. "Fuck" he said softly. "If you're lucky!" she replied, with a saucy wink. "Better get undressed!" His fingers grappled with the knot in his tie, and he realized they were trembling slightly. It took him a second try to pull the knot loose enough to slip over his head, and he tossed it down on the couch next to her. He realized that his pants were becoming uncomfortably tight across his crotch. He went to unzip them, and he caught her eye. She had her right eyebrow raised in silent question. He knew her so well he understood that she needed him to let her know this was truly what he wanted from her. He reached out his shaking hand and touched her cheek. "Yes, please," he whispered. Her soft smile widened, and her eyes flashed at him. Her usual soft demeanor was gone in an instant, replaced by a no bullshit stance that had his stomach flipping in anticipation. She stood up, the sky high boots making her diminutive frame ... less so, and bringing her head to nearly his chin. He towered over her by a full foot and there was something so erotic in knowing this smaller girl was going to take take him in a way he hadn't been. Her eyebrow raised again, this time with a sassy request from her red, moist lips. "Get on your knees, bitch, and clean these boots." Her usual sweetness was replaced with stern command. He looked up into her eyes as he finished removing his clothes, and dropped to the floor. He hesitated only a second before bringing his wet pink tongue to the wicked point of her boot. He saw no dirt on them, but ran his mouth from the tip to the top of her boot, where it met the fishnet stocking halfway up her thigh. He could smell the strong scent of her arousal, and his eyes fixed on the rubber Phallus between her legs. He realized something he hadn't before. Part of it was inside of her, and he could see her wetness dripping out around it. He reached a finger up to touch her... his need to put his hands on her was nearly unbearable, and he was met with a quick slap across his knuckles. Now both of her brows were raised. "Did i say you could touch!?" She barked at him. She narrowed her eyes and the stern look on her face made him avert his eyes. "No" he mumbled. She slid her fingers under his chin and pulled his face up so she could look at him. For a split second he saw the love she had for him in her face, but it was quickly replaced with mild annoyance. "No, what?" She asked him. "No, ...