1. My Cuckold Story Ch. 01

    Date: 5/12/2018, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: bySumguyinIowa, Source: Literotica

    My wife, Maggie, and I have been together for a total of about four years. Two years dating, and then two years happily married. Early on in our relationship my wife admitted that being in control gets her excited and I very quickly discovered that I had a submissive side, it was a perfect match. Our favorite way to play outside the bedroom was to keep my penis locked up in a chastity cage, where she could control when I could get off, or even get hard. We sometimes would talk about making me a cuckold, but we both had reservations about it. I wasn't sure if I could stand seeing her please another man, and Maggie wasn't sure she wanted to please another man. Then one fateful run completely changed our outlooks. We were returning from a four-mile run together back to our town home that we lived in for the last 3 years. My 28-year-old, 5"6 wife was just wearing a sports bra and running shirts. Sweat was dripping into her bra that was concealing her perky B cup breasts with the key to my chastity cage I was wearing was dangling from a necklace she wore. Her running shorts were clinging to her bubble butt that she earned playing years of volleyball starting way back in high school, played throughout college, and continued to play in intermural leagues. Her long brown curly year was neatly done into one long solid braid, and when it wasn't it would fall to her mid-back. I myself was bad looking. At 25 years old, I was 5"9 with an athletic build that I earned while I served in ... the Marines. I continued to maintain my muscles even after I got out and got myself a career in the business field. As we approached our town home, we noticed a moving truck next to the town home that shared a wall to ours, and a young man was standing at the end of driveway signing some paperwork. As he glanced our way, my wife waved and walked up him. "Hi! My name is Maggie, and this is my husband Tom. Looks like we are about to be neighbors. The 6"1 blonde hair man with his strong body build, smiled, "Looks like we are, I'm Steve." We continued to make small talk and towards the end of it Steve glanced quickly and looked at my breasts and asked with a smile, "Does the key around your neck have any significance? My embarrassment about this attractive man asking my wife about the key to my chastity cage made my cheeks burn. Fortunately, my wife answered back quickly, "Tom gave it to be on our first anniversary when we were dating. It's the key to something that Tom holds very dear and trusts me with, his heart." "Well, that's really romantic of him." I was desperate to change the subject to anything except how my wife keeps my cock locked up "So, Steve if you don't have any dinner plans, you should definitely come over and eat with us." "I would love too" "7 Pm work for you Steve?" "Perfect, I see you guys then." My wife and I entered our home and went into the shower together to rinse off after the run. She immediately started to play with my locked cock in the shower ...