1. Hero's Reward

    Date: 5/13/2018, Categories: Fantasy , Oral Sex / Blowjob, First Time, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Author: controlling, Source: sexstories.com

    “What kind of asshole chases after armed robbers?” Matt was asked, sitting tied to a chair with a hood over his head, “I mean, what were you thinking; ‘Oh I know, they’ll surrender to me if I confront them’. REALLY, are you that big a man?” Matt felt what he assumed was the sole of a shoe pressing on is sac, “’Cause if you are, I can and will change that, unless, let’s see if you got the ‘BIG MAN’ dick. Sweets,” the voice called to someone, “whip it out for him, give him a blow, let’s see if he is a big man, and if not,” Matt felt more pressure being applied to his balls, “he won’t be a man at all.” The pressure on Matt’s privates disappeared and soon followed by the feeling of his pants being undone, his zipper being pulled down and his underwear being pulled down exposing his manhood. His dick started to grow and harden as a gloved hand began to stroke its shaft. “Not bad so far” the voice returned as Matt neared full erection, “I’m almost impressed.” And as Matt felt the warm breath of the mouth nearing the head of his dick he heard “Wait, use this,” accompanied by some unfathomable sound, “DNA and all, besides, it’s cherry flavored, your favorite.” Mark felt something applied to the tip of his dick before feeling it being ‘slid?’ down the length of his shaft, ‘a rubber?’ Matt thought to himself as he felt the hands that put it on smooth the casing housing his pole then, when one hand seemed to disappear, he felt something twirling around the head of his cock before ... what he imagined were lips close around his shaft. With a slow, constant cadence, he felt the lips slide down to engulf his penis before withdrawing until the shaft was clear and, when only the head remain entrapped, the downward motion would begin again. “I know it feels good,” the voice whispered in Matt’s ear, “I had it myself, but remember, no stamina, no balls.” before laughing out loud. Matt resisted focusing on the pleasurable sensation coursing around and through his erection, and made himself remember how he got in his current predicament. **** In the evenings, after college classes, Matt worked at his parents ‘mom-and-pop’ hardware store, stocking shelves mostly, but a vital piece of the operation as it prevented the need for his older parents to hire staff they probably couldn’t afford. So, his class finished for the day, the dutiful son was restocking shelves when a single masked gunman entered demanding money while waving his gun. Matt looked at his father with fear in his eyes. On three previous occasions, his father, being a Vet., attacked the would-be robbers, twice being shot, and Matt was praying his father would not press his luck a fourth. He didn’t. He just handed over the money and stepped back allowing the thief a chance to escape. That’s when, like an idiot, Matt thought, ‘Hey, if my old man can stop a robbery, why can’t I?’ Matt chased after the crook to retrieve the stolen money, as he exited the door; his father yelled something to him that he didn’t ...