1. Queen Yavara: Chapter Twenty-Two

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    Chapter Twenty-Two IVANKA Tiffany and I watched from the mouth of The Broken Pass as the sun slowly sank into the horizon. I waited until the last light faded and then took off my clothes. I gave my favorite blood-sister a kiss and then dashed into the maple trees. There were so many scents in The Maples. The Pines were sparsely occupied, but The Maples had so many delicious smelling creatures lurking everywhere. There was an incubus twenty yards to my left. There was faun a half-mile to the south. A loan centaur was galloping a mile to the north. But I was to feast on orc tonight, which was one of my least favorite meals. I caught my target’s scent from two miles away. As I raced through the trees, I began to get a picture of who he was. I could smell infection on his skin, a bog-born parasite that he wasn’t treating well. He was middle-aged, but still virile; I could smell the musk wafting from him. As I drew nearer, I zeroed in on the thumping of his heart. His resting heartrate was abnormally high, and a very distinct murmur was beating irregularly. He was fat and out of shape, which would make my job easier, but the meal worse. I stopped at the entrance to his village. I heard two hundred and three hearts beating. I peered through the darkness and saw the orc’s warm bodies glowing from within their huts. My target was in the center of the village in the chieftain’s hut, gorging himself on ale and pork. I silently raced through the settlement, taking cover behind walls ... and huts to stayed hidden from witnesses. When the coast was clear, I dashed into the chieftain’s hut. The orc chief tried to scream around a mouthful of pork. He barely stood up before I was on him. I sunk my fangs into his neck and drank his thick, foul blood. He beat me with his fists and yanked on my hair, but my grip on his throat remained tight. He grew weaker by the second until he collapsed. I looked both ways and then tore the head of the chieftain. I took a finger nail and carved the symbol of The Gorge on his chest, and then the message to meet at The Broken Pass. I took my prize and dashed silently out of the hut and to the village center. I rang the alarm bell and then disappeared into the forest. BROCK “How do I know you’re acting under the orders of Queen Yavara?” Braun, the leader of the centaurs asked me, “Because this sounds a lot like an orc making a power-play for The Tundra.” “I am making a power-play for The Tundra,” I replied, “under her direction. I am Queen Yavara’s candidate for Froktora.” “Where is the queen?” Braun asked, “She hasn’t come to ask for our aid, and we would give it to her freely.” “You and I seem to be the only ones willing to do that anymore,” I sighed, “the other clans have forgotten their vows. Queen Yavara left for The Spruces to deal with an emergency, I am her acting diplomat to The Maples.” “You still haven’t presented me with proof of your allegiance,” Braun said, “you are killing orcs that I have trade relations with, and I ...