1. Mate's girl

    Date: 5/13/2018, Categories: Masturbation / Toys, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: mkmcr85, Source: xHamster

    Well, a few years back I was working at a bar and a girl gave me her number. Her name was Hannah. I ended up dating her for a few months. By dating, I mean fucking regularly. She wasn't anything special and looking back on it she was pretty crazy and if I'd known then what I know now, I probably not have messaged her, but I did, and that's another story.Anyway, Hannah wasn't super attractive - probably a four, and quite overweight, but I was going through a bit of a dry spell at the time and we did have a few good times together for a few months before it all went super crazy and I swore never to contact her again. Probably one of the best things about her was that she did like me to fuck her regularly. Yeah, she was always up for it. Unfortunately as well as being quite overweight, she didn't have the tightest pussy, and after fucking her to orgasm, it had loosened up a bit from when I first stuck it in, making it difficult to cum.Dirty girl that she was, she did let me unload myself in her any time I wanted, so I alternated between either fucking her hard and fast so I could blow before she'd loosened up, or taking it out and finishing by hand. The times I finished by hand, she'd get me to kneel in front of her spread legs whilst I spanked the monkey, and she would hold herself open so that I could see right into her gaping wet hole. This was so that when I came, I'd move my cock close to her body and my cum would spray out over her pussy and inside her. Sometimes she'd ... like to watch me to work myself to the point of orgasm by hand and then push the head of my cock inside her right before I shot my load so she'd get it all go into her hole. Sometimes she liked me to spunk all over her pubes - she didn't shave at all - and then rubbed it all over herself with the palm of her hand. What can I say, she liked my hot spunk inside her pussy!Anyway, hanging around with her for a while, I also got to know her friends. One in particular was super hot, tall, slim brunette, decent C cup breasts in proportion to her frame, probably an eight or nine - looked fantastic in a little black dress with gorgeous legs that went all the way up. Her name was Jen. She was also single, but off limits of course as I was fucking her mate. Very soon me and my mates went on nights out with her and her mates. One thing led to another and one of my mates called James got with Jen. I was pretty jealous of how much of a lucky fucker he was getting to fuck her. Quite often whilst I was fucking Hannah, I used to close my eyes and fantasise about fucking Jen and blowing my load deep in her cunt, but of course I'd not seen her naked. All I could do was imagine it.One day I was around at James' place, and we were chatting and drinking and we got talking about girls. I mentioned that the previous night, Hannah's mother had heard us having sex and had asked her at breakfast to be a bit quieter. He asked me if I used condoms when I fucked Hannah, and I said that she preferred it ...