1. A Femme Domme Tale Chapter 4

    Date: 5/13/2018, Categories: BDSM, Author: Melanieatplay, Source: LushStories

    I messed up, and I knew it. The more I thought about it, the more I came to the conclusion that I got a little caught up when I spoke to Liz. She asked if she could join me dominating Chris and then admitted she was attracted to me. Looking back, it all happened so fast and I didn't take the time I needed to think it through and process the possible ramifications of her joining us. More than anything, I needed to put first things first and talk with Chris. When I arrived home, the aromatic smell of grilled fish filled my nostrils. Chris was becoming quite a chef and I loved eating his meals. Chris met me at the door and gave me a hot, lingering kiss. “How was your day, baby?” “It was really good, Chris. How was yours?” I decided to wait until after dinner the broach subject of Liz joining us in bed. “It was amazing. I got to teach today and I'm getting to know my students.” I was so happy for Chris and the strides he was making in his career. I could tell he had finally found direction and purpose in his professional field. He was happy and fulfilled and that really improved the dynamics of our marriage. “Dinner is ready and I poured you a glass of wine. May I have the key so I can remove my chastity device?” I reached into my pocket and pulled out my key ring and handed it to Chris. For the last month, he had been locking himself when he got home in the afternoon and sending me a video to show he was in chastity. Dinner was absolutely delicious. Chris prepared baked ... parmesan tilapia on a bed of Spanish rice with slices of avocado on the side. For dessert, he had made fresh fruit cups with just a little whipped topping. He was becoming quite an accomplished chef and if for some reason the college professor thing didn't work out, I thought he would have another career option after attending culinary school. We talked and laughed about his students which gave rise to us reminiscing about some of our college experiences and the great times we shared together before we got married. We also spoke about my job and my afternoon workout with Liz. We were communicating so well and I felt so close to him. I was still amazed at how the change in our marriage had brought us so close together and improved our relationship and our commitment to each other. Once Chris had cleared the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, he refilled our wine glasses and joined me on our living room couch. We were having a perfect evening and I was a bit reticent to bring up the topic of Liz and her joining us, However, I felt that delaying any longer was just a stalling tactic. “Chris, there's something important we need to discuss.” His eyes got wide. Judging from the look on his face, he must have thought he was in some type of trouble. “Did I… ummm… do something wrong?” “No, Chris, you didn't do anything wrong.” I could see the look of relief etched on his face. Since I had caned him a month ago, he’d been the perfect submissive husband. When we agreed to redefine our marriage, I ...