1. Learning the Ropes

    Date: 5/13/2018, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: LittleBlueCat, Source: LushStories

    Catrina sat in the corner of the coffee shop and glanced furtively around her. Her laptop was in front of her, a word document open. The last sentence stared back at her, tauntingly. “And then he seized her, his hands plunging up her shirt and roughly grabbing her breasts.” She had been hung up on this line for some time now and was hoping the change of scenery would help her move past it. The stories she usually wrote were tame - romance with a side of sex. She wanted this one to be different. Rougher and more sensual. It pushed her solidly outside of her comfort zone and was proving to be more of a challenge than she had anticipated. She’d tried writing naked; she’d tried while watching porn in the background. She had even tried writing while using her vibrator, though that had ended up proving much too distracting. And then, inspiration had struck. Writing her erotic story in a public place might be sexy. Sexy enough for her to get past the mental block. She’d just be sitting there, typing away at her computer. The other patrons would think she was busy with schoolwork, or business, but really she’d be writing filthy smut, her pussy tingling and getting wetter. Once she had the idea, she felt certain it would work. She tugged her tight jeans on over her bare ass. Then she put on a lacy red bra and a low cut black tank top. Shoving her laptop into her bag, she set out. But now, inside the coffee shop, Catrina found herself stuck again. She was a little aroused, but still ... feeling uninspired and discouraged. She sighed in frustration, wondering if she should just scrap this story and go back to something she was more familiar with. Disappointment washed over her. Even my fictional characters are doomed to a life of vanilla sex, she thought with a pout. A light breeze fluttered across her face as the coffee shop door opened, interrupting her sulking. She glanced up, her eyes meeting those of the man who had stepped inside. Her gaze subconsciously roamed up his body appreciatively. He was exactly her type - a little older than her, tall and rough looking. He stared back at her as he walked by, his green eyes bearing into hers, before she turned her eyes down in embarrassment and returned them to her screen. He moved into the line to order his drink. She read the last line of her story again. “And then he seized her, his hands plunging up her shirt and roughly grabbing her breasts.” Her hips shifted, and her eyes darted to the man in the drink line. She found herself involuntarily thinking about the his hands on her body as he slowly replaced her male character. A light blush spread across her face, and she felt guilty for a moment. But then, she found the words flowing. She began typing, her fingers barely able to keep up with her now racing mind. She bit her lip as she wrote, occasionally stopping to push her hair out of her eyes. Her breathing accelerated, and she felt herself growing wet. She crossed her legs tighter, shifting her bottom against ...