1. Videos in the video booth

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: Mature / Older, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Gay, Author: brcrbf, Source: xHamster

    I was back at Pleasures this morning at about 11 a.m. (see my previous stories about this great place). It was already starting to pick up and most of the glory hole booths were full. I went to one of the large booths in the back with built in benches and pretended to be selecting a new channel on the TV while I unzipped and started pulling on my dick. When I turned around with my cock in full view there was a guy watching me. I motioned him in and we closed the door.He pulled out his dick, but then bent over right away to start sucking me and it kept me from reaching him. I rubbed his back and neck as he sucked me up to my full 8 inch length. After a few minutes of this, I straightened him up so that I could get a taste of his dick. It was pretty stout, really hard, and about average length at 6 inches, but it had this wonderful, big bulbous head on it. I usually go all the way down on most dicks that I suck, pushing them all the way back into my throat, but this dick head deserved special attention. I left the rim just at my lips and sucked the ridge back and forth into the front of my mouth while I swiped my tongue under the bottom of the head. What was really sensual about this dick was how smooth the head was.While I was sucking him I started to feel up his ass. His crack was slippery, so when he told me that he loved ass play and that he had just cleaned himself up, I started playing with his hole. It was well lubed and very clean. I sank my middle finger all the way ... into him and started rubbing his prostrate. It excited me and I was surprised that he didn’t shoot right there and then.I was really into sucking him, but I knew that he was real interested in getting me back into his mouth, too. He kept talking about how much he loved the taste of cum, so I didn’t want to deny him my load. I suggested that we lie down on the long bench 69-style so we could both go at it. Unfortunately I was about a foot taller than him and it was a stretch to line up. But we gave it a go.After we sat back up, I leaned over and took is prick back in my mouth. When I did so, I noticed a wedding ring so I asked him if he was married. He answered yes and asked if I’d like to see some pictures. Well, of course! So he took out his phone and pulled up the gallery.It started with a video of his wife playing with her tits and their big hard nipples. Then there were several stills of her pussy from the back as she was bent over. I asked if she knew he did dick, but the answer was no. Too bad as I would have loved to fuck her then watch him eat my cum out of her cunt as I sucked him to completion. But it was not in the works (at least not yet—maybe he will get her to that place and find me again).He also had phone video of him blowing a friend who shot a big load in his mouth. I was stroking all the way through this show, and eventually, I was ready to shoot. I announced that I was cumming and he leaned over to take my load in his mouth. He licked the last few drops off ...