1. The Cabin Boy Pt. 04

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: Lesbian, Author: byskinnysailor, Source: Literotica

    Name: Rebeca 2671 Status: born slave Designation: domestic Height: 158cm Hair: brown Eyes: grey Age of submission: yes Markings *recommended* Tattoos: no Brands: no Skills- Reading: yes Writing: yes Math: basic Other skills (use separate page if needed): no Owner: Oak Park Corporation That's me. I think I'm about fifty years old. I'm one of Lady Jennifer Parkwood's 'Sweethearts' as she calls her personal household slaves. There are seven of us. I'm the leader so to speak. I'm the oldest. Vivian is the youngest. She came from the breeding home when she didn't conceive. I wake up to the gentle music from my clock radio. Robin is curled around my right arm. I asked her to bed last night. Captain Sue, Jen's wife is home from the sea and they'll want to be alone for a few nights. She won't need me and I was feeling a bit needy. "You were very good last night Robin Sweetie, now scoot along. I'll see you in the cafeteria." We kiss and she goes. So, how did I get so lucky to become Lady Jennifer's? Since I showed no aptitude for advanced skills the school sent me to the twelve year old auction. I was bought by a restaurant. It was mind numbing work, even for a dummy like me. Wash the floors and counters. Wash the dishes and shine the silver. Repeat all day long. And the head chef was an absolute bitch. One little mark on the bottom of a pot and she's call us all to her and start screaming. "Look at this you stupid cunts. It's filthy!" Then she's pick one of us at random. "Yvonne, ... that one, five. The rest of you, straighten up your uniforms and go watch." We'd parade out to the dining room and line up along the wall so as not to block the patrons' view. Then the victim would bend over a bar stool and little miss fucking Chef's whore Yvonne would pull down her panties, then retrieve her ash switch from it's display over the bar and beat tonight's example. Heaven help her if she didn't scream or cry out loud enough. I think I was there a couple of years. Then one day there were several strangers standing over by the coolers. We were all lined up. Chef pointed. "Her, her, and mm, yes, that one." Yvonne ordered the three of us to strip, the strangers stepped forward and put steel collars on us and we were taken to an auction. I was bought and served first on the cleaning staff, then the wait staff of Baroness Attley. What a change that was! Hardly ever any beatings. We slept in bedrooms, four beds to a room until our 'age of submission'. No more mats on the floor of cages in a cold cellar. We ate fresh food in a cafeteria, not leftovers from a bowl in our cages. I didn't think life could get any better. When one of us reached our age of submission the Baroness would put on a party for all the staff, then, as was her right, take the guest of honor to her suite for the night. Mine was magic. At noon the government doctor came and gave me a physical (mostly to make sure I was still a virgin), then two of the older girls dressed me in a beautiful white gown, and ...