1. My First Gay Experience

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: Anal, First Time, Gay, Author: kennydickie, Source: xHamster

    My first gay experienceAll throughout my youth I masterbated to straight porn and made out with girls and every experience was enjoyable. When I was 18 I started to watch some webcam porn and I came across a guy masterbating, I was curious to see how he did it, if he had a big dick and did he have a big load and to me none of that was gay. I watched for about 10 minutes as that’s about as long as I could take of it.This guy was clean shaven skinny guy, similar to myself but he had this strangely huge dick. It was about 9 inches in length and really thick and veiny, I liked it, the way he played with the throbbing head was very sexy. I decided to masterbate to it and after 10 minutes I ejaculated all over my stomach, I instantly felt dirty and guilty as I wasn’t gay but had just wanked over some hunk of a guy. I put it all to the back of my mind and carried on with my straight life.The curiosity of playing with a cock was always in the back of my mind and my sexual urges got stronger and stronger and I began masterbating a lot more to male masterbation videos. It was only watching other men masterbate that turned me on.I decided I’d try and experience a guys dick but I didn’t really know where to start, I had a gay friend but we wasn’t close enough for me to confide in him so I just left the burning desire to play with a cock in the background.One day I was on the bus to college and as always the vibrations of the bus were turning me on, I was sitting next to a guy in my year ... and we were talking about girls we’d fucked and other sexual stories. It was turning me on, he was saying that he had a huge cock and some girls couldn’t handle it which turned me on even more.We got off the bus together and walked into college and went out separate ways.Later that day I went toilet to masterbate, my cock was annoying me all day, I couldn’t get rid of this huge bulging rod in my pants. So I went into the toilet with my cock already hard and as everyone was in class I decided I wouldn’t tuck it into my waist band but instead I’d just let it poke through my tight jeans. I entered the bathroom and to my surprise was my friend from the bus, we didn’t say anything and for some strange reason I was nervous. He looked straight at my cock which was basically ripping my jeans open to get some fresh air, he walked away from the sink towards me, god I was nervous, he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my dick and said ‘you have a beautiful big cock’ and I thanked him nervously, he placed his soft girlie hands around the bases of my dick and kneeled down, his head moved slowly towards my throbbing cock. I had pre cum dripping from my tip, he put his tongue on my tip and cleaned it off, then he somehow placed the whole of my solid cock in to his mouth and down his throat, I could feel my whole body shake with nerves and excitement, I thought I was going to explode immediately but I managed to calm myself down.He wrapped both of his hands around my bum, pulling me closer ...