1. Ham

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: Celebrities, Lesbian, Author: ElizabethDalton, Source: xHamster

    Ham (Or: Who Needs It Anyway?)Carly's POV:The bottom line is... Sam loves ham. She absolutely adores it. The smell, the taste, the texture... the flavor. It all forms this obsession she has."Carly, do we have any ham?" Sam asks, sticking her head in the fridge.I admired her ass in the air, wiggling suggestively. It reminded me of last night. We almost had sex. But Sam's ham craving got in the way and we stopped before it could get too far. So here I am, hot and horny and staring at a girl's ass."Check the fridge," I reply, leaning against the kitchen counter."Nah. You don't have any. I wonder if Benson does?"Fat chance. His mother despises anything high in sodium, fat, sugar, oil, calories - I often wonder how Freddie can even survive sometimes."I know he doesn't." I say, quickly."Yeah, you're right."We both sigh simultaneously.She looks at me and suddenly I'm up on the counter, spreading out my legs and motioning for her to come closer to me. The blonde licks her lips a little and walks to where I'm sitting."What is it, Carls?"I whisper: "Eat me.""I'm not a cannibal, Carly. Despite what you may think-""No, I mean, eat me.""Ohhhhh... really?"My legs spread out even more and I watch her head bend down slightly, then her tongue touches my moistened lips and I let out a soft scream. Who knew I was so damn sensitive? Sam's tongue moved in and out of my pussy, tasting every inch of me. I was glued to where I was sitting. I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.Sam looks up at ... me."Is this good? Or...""Keep going," I moan, tossing my head back as she wriggles her tongue around.As soon as her mouth starts sucking on my clit, there's no going back now! Her lips, tongue and mouth lick and suck me until I cum... twice... almost three times. I grip the edge of the counter whilst Sam lifts up my legs and places them on her shoulder."Carls, you taste so much like ham."Meanwhile, I'm just out of any type of reality... and so close to an orgasm of a lifetime."Ohhh, oh, ohh, oh fuck Sam!"Sam sucks harder and licks even faster, and grips my hips trying to hold me still, but I'm trembling way too much. I look down and see the blonde's tongue enter into me again and again which only makes me scream in ecstasy.Finally I cum on Sam's lips, who licks it up quickly, then reaches over and pulls me up to kiss me.My fingers grip Sam's shirt and yanks it up slightly, before sliding my hands up to her boobs and massaging them gently. Our mouths and tongues wrestle and my other hand slips between her shorts and her boxers before rubbing the wetness with my fingers."Ahhh... Carlyy... Mmmm!"Sam moans loudly, closing her eyes and grinding my hand, almost humping it. I kiss down her cheek, chin and neck, then lifting her shirt up I continue down between her boobs and back up again."Uh, uh, uh. Carly, you're so good at this...!"I whisper in her ear: "Makes you forget ham, doesn't it?""Who?" asks Sam, with a gasp as I find her sensitive clit and roll it between my fingers."That's ...