1. Me and Chanel

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: Fantasy , Anal, Asian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Teen, Teen, First Time, Author: StoriesOfJoshua, Source: sexstories.com

    Hi, my name is Josh. This is a story/fantasy that gets me hard thinking about it. I hope you enjoy. This takes place in my highschool. All people are depicted as 18+. Me and this girl named Chanel were forced to go back to highschool on Saturday for getting paint all over the whole classroom in an art lesson. She wasn't the hottest girl in the school but she wasn't ugly either and was pretty alright looking. She was Asian had short hair, glasses and was short. Anyways I'll skip most of the boring parts and get straight into it. We arrived at school and she was wearing tight pink short shorts revealing her sweet ass and a plain t-shirt. Our art teacher said he was gonna be in his office the whole day while we did work until he came back to the class before we were allowed to go home. He walked out and Chanel and I sat down bored as hell. She dropped her pen and bent down to get it. I had a complete view of her nice ass and became hard almost immediately. I was wearing pretty tight jeans and it was pretty obvious that my cock was rock hard. I assumed she wouldn't look there anyway so I didn't really try to hide it and continued doing the work. In the corner of my eye I saw her look at my raging cock multiple times and bite her lips. That made me twice as horny and you know what happens when you get really horny, you don't think straight and your mind goes all wonky. Quietly I said “You like looking at it, you want it, don't you?”. “What?” She replied. I then put my face to ... hers and began to make out with her. Suprisingly she didn't try to stop it. Our mouths were colliding as I put my tongue in her mouth and she did the same. It was like he were trying to eat each others faces. We stood up and I squeezed her ass really hard. My 8 and a half inch cock was raging and pushing against my jeans. She looked down at it, licked her lips and and pulled my pants and boxers down. Then she went on her knees and without warning she shoved it all the way inside her mouth and down her throat. It was the best feeling in the world. She gagged on it and it felt amazing in her warm and moist mouth. Chanel shoved it so deep in her throat she nearly vomited. “I'm gonna cum!”, I shouted as I pressed her head against me, making her gag. I couldn't hold it any longer and shot my creamy load all the way deep inside her throat. She swallowed all of my cum without leaving any left. I went on my knees and pushed her to the classroom floor. I took off her shirt, bra, panties and shorts revealing her nice ass, her pussy and her tits. I started licking her tits and slowly moved down to her juicy, wet pussy. Chanel was dripping wet. I kissed her sweet vagina. “Fuck me” she said. “Fuck me Josh, I want your cock to rip me apart, break me” I shoved my cock deep inside of her. In and out, in and out. Filling her with all 8 and a half inches. “FUCKK” she yelled. “OH YEAH” “DESTROY ME” She was so warm and moist, her pussy was tight as hell too. She was moaning and screaming with ...