1. My friend Gary

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: torpedoman, Source: LushStories

    My name is Tim, and I am a bisexual married man. I am a rather small man at five feet six inches and only weigh 140 pounds. I also have a rather small penis. It is five inches and quite thin. I also really enjoy crossdressing. Today I invited a man I met online over to my home. My home is in a secluded community where neighbors don’t pay attention to what others do. Gary arrived right on time. I showed him to the bathroom were he could freshen up. Much to my delight Gary came out of the bathroom naked. Gary is quite the male stud at six feet two inches and 195 pounds. “Gary you look beautiful.” He stood there looking lean, muscular and handsome with his flaccid cock hanging down. I was in my best Tammy outfit; blond wig, full makeup, black tight knit dress, black corset, nylons, panties and 4” high heels. I saw Gary liked what he was looking at because his cock started to rise to its full eight inches. Gary pulled me to him and kissed me tenderly on my mouth. He inserted his tongue in my willing mouth. We kissed for several minutes before I led him to the bedroom. Gary took his time. He undressed me until I was just in heels, stockings and corset. My little cock was so hard that I thought it might break. Gary gently pushed me down on the edge of the bed. His massive cock was right in front of my face. I knew what to do as I kissed the tip of his mushroom headed cock. I opened my mouth and took him in. His cock was so velvety smooth yet rock hard. His entire body was ... hairless. I continued to savor his cock for many minutes until he said, “Tammy, I want to fuck you now.” I got on the bed and opened my legs for him. He got between them and lifted up my legs on to his strong shoulders. I reached over for the lube I had at the ready and applied lube to my opening and all over his engorged cock. Gary then placed his cockhead at my man pussy and pushed. He popped right in. Gary then started to fuck me like the sissy little slut I am. “Do you like my cock Tammy? Do you like when my big cock pushes in your cunt? Do you like it when I stroke deep in your bowels? Do you want me to impregnate you with my potent seed?” “Yes, yes, yes and yes,” I screamed as Gary pounded me with long hard strokes. He was hitting my G-spot with each powerful stroke. His heavy cum filled balls were slapping against me. I was in bliss. My little skinny cock was at its hardest. It was leaking pre-cum and I was very near climaxing. Then with renewed vigor Gary drove deep in my girly cunt. His huge cock got even thicker as he announced he was cumming. “Here I cum, my sweetheart. Here comes what you want. Daddy is cumming for you baby,” exclaimed Gary. Gary continued to push his seed in my receptive body until he finally went limp. That is when I realized I had experienced the most wonderful orgasm of my life. I shot my girly load all over my stomach and chest without touching myself. When I regained my breath I slid down and took Gary’s wonderful penis in my mouth and cleaned him. ...