1. Hard Times

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories

    Matty’s real father died when he was four years old. Apparently, he had been a really nice man and Matty had inherited his good looks. When Matty was sixteen years old his mother remarried. Rex, his stepfather, was good-looking in a very thuggish way. He was a biker and worked for a business that remodelled and restored motorbikes. Subsequently, his hands were always somewhat soiled and greasy looking. Matty’s mom, Gloria, who was thirty-six years old, was very taken with the attention of Rex, who was six years younger than her. Shortly after their marriage, however, when Rex stamped his authority in the household, Gloria and Matty’s lives changed. Rex considered locked doors antisocial. Rex would, therefore, enter the spare bathroom that Matty used, naked, which was considered the ‘men’s’ bathroom, or Matty’s bedroom, whenever he pleased. It was not an oppressive gesture by Rex and it was simply part of Rex’s ‘au natural’ approach to life. Mostly, in the mornings when Matty used the bathroom he would have to endure Rex’s nude masculinity. It was almost as if Rex was continually taunting him. When Matty brushed his teeth Rex would invariably have a piss, and then while Matty showered Rex would chat to him while absentmindedly scratching his pubes and fondling his balls. Rex’s uncut knob was totally spectacular. A more alarming - or should it be said, exhilarating - routine in the household, was Gloria and Rex’s raucous bedroom noises. Shortly after Rex and Gloria were ... married Matty overheard a conversation his mother had while chatting with a friend on the phone. Gloria told her friend that Rex was a total stud in the bedroom and the best fuck she had ever had. Their prolonged lovemaking consisted of loud groaning and grunting as Rex fucked the hell out of Gloria. This almost drove Matty out of his mind with sexual frustration. Most times, when Rex and Gloria emerged from the bedroom for a cooling down beverage, Gloria looked like the cat that had just got the cream. After Gloria returned their room, Rex would sit across from Matty in the lounge and eyeball him with a self-satisfied smirk on his face. It was almost as if Rex were saying, ‘Now that’s how you fuck a woman!’ Rex soon also began referring to Matty as ‘our daughter,’ when in conversation with Gloria, and when he and Matty were alone, he called Matty, ‘baby girl'. Matty didn’t really mind too much but naturally protested, which would result in a special treat in Matty’s life. Rex would then always grab hold of Matty in a headlock and gently rub his fingers over Matty’s head. Given Matty’s small body he was totally at Rex’s mercy in these situations, but of course, he loved inhaling the smell of Rex’s manly armpits while ‘fighting’ him off. Although Matty was sure that Rex knew he was gay, regrettably, Rex never took things any further. Matty just accepted the fact; that Rex was straight and loved teasing him. Six months later another big change occurred in their lives when the police ...