1. Flashing My 2nd Cousin

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Incest / Taboo, Masturbation / Toys, Author: kissing_frogs, Source: xHamster

    Introduction:My second cousin wasn't a hot guy and didn't know his way around girls. So I gave him a big long wide look up between my legs and since he was a college virgin, I gave him a helping hand.I’m really happy about all the people who been nice to me here & liked my stories. A lot-lot have said I should do more flash experience stories. It’s not like I wana get all known for the flash stuff but I mean I love flashing. Just don't wana bore yall by just writing that. So I dont know I guess one more & see what comes next. This is one that just now popped up from my memory and I think its one you might like.Pulllleeeeze remember Im not a profesional writer okay. I dont care much about grammar. Just ask Mr. Linamin or howeverthefuck you spell his name. Yeah I tried flashing him to get my English grade up but didnt seem to go nowhere. Hm. Maybe he was gay. Not that theres anything wrong with it.- - - - - - - -From before I was even in junior high school, I was a toker. I could smoke weed allllll day and half the night and just love it so much. I never got to do it all day & night but that tells you how much I loved-loved it. I always felt free & I just wana throw off what feels like binds me and fly free & do what I want whenever. So yeah. Mary Jane & me knew each other pretty well ha.I would blow4blow. I had no problem doing that. I didnt fuck often for weed but yeah, it was pretty easy to get my head down if you had a few jays or like a half-baggy. I learned the blow4blow ... thing almost as soon as I toked the first time so I did a lot-lot of bjs. It all makes sense to. I mean, toke on some guys joint so I can toke on another kind of joints.So I was 16 & just starting my junior year of high school & my 19 year old cousin (second cousin I think) came out with his family for a four-day weekend. Mason & his family were staying at a hotel but they spent a lot of time at our place from all day Friday til late on Monday.I mean, he was an okay guy. He had greenish eyes and was dirty blond type hair but none of that took enough away from a few zits. He was sorta tallish and was built okay I suppose. But his down fall was that he never had confidence. He was afraid of girls I think. He was shy & couldnt hardly look me in the eye at first. I suspect he was a peaker---you know---the kind that peak realllllly fast so no one notices.He was okay to talk to once he loosened up and by Sunday, we had talked a few times just ourselves and he admitted he only ever dated twice & neither date went well & he never even kissed a girl b/c he didn’t know how to even go about it.So guess what. I took him to a place down the street thats got some brush. It’s a place I sometimes went to to smoke out. And, since it was dark out, I actually showed like as in step-by-step how get a date to kiss him. Ummmm that sorta meant that I kissed my cousin but it didnt mean I actually was all into it. He didnt really appeal to me and he realllllly needed to do something about his breath ...