1. Losing my virginity to Mary

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: First Time, Mature / Older, Author: kennydickie, Source: xHamster

    I masterbated a lot during my youth and I still do, there’s nothing better than a good private wank.I stayed at my mates house whilst his parents were away and he told me to stay in his parents room. I used to love looking at women’s underwear as I’ve previously mentioned in another story so whilst I was in their room I decided I’d have a wank and snoop around to see what underwear my friends Mum ‘Mary’ had. I discovered some huge knickers and bras, Mary was a big woman, her breast size was 38D so you can see she’s not on the petite side but she was a very attractive woman and had pretty eyes. Whilst I was snooping I found some toys, nothing too naughty but I decided I’d try them out.I chose to use the rabbit and inserted its four inch shaft inside my ass, I turned the device on and proceeded to masterbate whilst sniffing Mary’s knickers. As always I ejaculated and I shot my load into a pair of her knickers and placed them back in her drawers.A couple of weeks later I was round my friends house playing PlayStation and my friend went downstairs to have dinner with the family. Mary popped her head in the room and walked over and sat next to me, she said ‘you know how you stayed in my bed the other weekend, did you go through my drawers?’ I panicked and felt my face redden, I denied it and she said ‘if I find my knickers covered in dried cum again after you stay round, you’ll never stay over here again’. I promised her it wasn’t me and I wouldn’t do that.A month later my mate ... messaged me on msn and said for me to pop round, I thought he was away at his swimming camp but clearly he wasn’t. I went round on my bike and knocked on the door, Mary answered and invited me in, she told me my friend was upstairs. I took my shoes off and climbed the stairs and went into his bedroom. He wasn’t there, I assumed he had gone toilet and just sat waiting there. Mary came in the room, she had stripped her clothes off and was covered by a white towel, I assumed she was just about to get a shower. I asked where her son was, she said ‘Oscar, isn’t here, it was me who asked you to come round on his messenger’. I paused and was confused, she said ‘I know you left cum in my pants and I know you used my rabbit, you put it back in the wrong drawer. I think it’s time that you learned a lesson’. I was nervous, I thought I was going to get a slap but Mary simply dropped her towel, revealing her body to me and said ‘come have some fun with me’.I had a huge throbbing erection, but I was nervous, Mary walked over to me, she stood me up and pulled my cock out, she knelt down and placed my cock between her breasts and started rubbing my cock between them. She asked me if I liked it, I stayed silent, my cock was hot and I was losing control of my senses, I could feel my head going light and I ejaculated, I covered Mary’s fat boobs with thick white cum, she laughed and said ‘that’s some load you had, there’s no wonder my knickers were covered’. She left the room, I sat there and ...