1. Best Two Out of Three

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: Group Sex, Author: PhilU, Source: LushStories

    There are some things that can be done nude, and some things that should not be. People disagree about what belongs in what set. Some people begrudgingly get naked to shower and maybe for sex (as long as the light's out), but are sure to cover up at any other time. Others swim, suntan, and of course, play volleyball, in the nude. One thing that they agree on, is that cooking should not be done naked. Thus, I'd dug out an apron, somewhat reluctantly. Now, I wouldn't say that I was a nudist. I've been to nude beaches, sure. And I certainly like hanging around the house in summer in the nude. But that's because it gets hot round here. "Damn hot," as the late, great Robin Williams would say. So I don't see why people wouldn't be naked at every opportunity. Now, my girlfriend, Chloe, doesn't quite agree, so it's been a while since I went to a nude beach. But I certainly don't see why anyone would wear clothes in the privacy of their own home. Unless, of course, they were about to fry some onions. Hence, I had an apron on. A very silly, old apron, that someone had given to me, thinking, 'yeah, Phil can wear that at barbecues,' Actually, probably thinking, 'oh shit, it's December 24, and I haven't bought Phil anything.' Still, it had been used. Even if it was corny, with it's stupid 'Kiss the Cook' picture, it did serve an important purpose in standing between my genitals and cooking oil hissing and spitting on the stove top. Of course, another reason to wear clothes is to avoid ... embarrassment, because our society kind of expects people to be wearing something. But Chloe was starting to get used to me wandering around au naturel, and as we'd only been living together for a few weeks, she was rather willing to forgive my little quirks. Thus, when I heard her key in the door, I carried on with my cooking, knowing full well that she would soon be walking down the corridor past the kitchen. And I knew that she would look into the kitchen and see my naked back. And if she happened to have come home from work in a randy mood (as she did quite often, thankfully), well then... I could put the meal on hold for a while. A smile spread across my face as I remembered last week when she'd thrown me against the wall in the entrance hall and had her evil way with me within seconds of arriving home. I felt my cock slowly rising against the plastic of the apron. "Hi Phil," I heard Chloe's familiar voice say. It was slightly deeper than usual, with the hint of a smile. I grinned - she sounded horny. I loved listening to her voice when she was in this sort of mood, so seductive and sweet. So much so, that I almost missed what she was saying. "This is Sonia, a friend from work." `Friend from...ohmigod, there's someone else here, and my butt is uncovered', I thought, and immediately spun around so that the apron would cover my nakedness. "Hi Phil," said Sonia. She was tall, a good six inches taller than Chloe, almost as tall as me. Her long blonde hair was neatly tied back, ...