1. girlfriends mother

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: Mature / Older, Incest / Taboo, First Time, Author: topdog1975, Source: xHamster

    Hi guy i thought id share this story with you which is 100% true and happened few weeks. i started seeing a girl called hannah she was 15 and i was 17 just started my new jiob and had passed my test recently my girlfriend was in last year of school she was one of those popular girls that seemed to have everything looks figure etc not blowing my own trumpet but id always been lucky with girls.my girl friend had a sister lucy 20 who worked in a clothes shop in the local centre and a older sister lindsay who was 24 and about to be married with a c***d of 1. my gf father was rob 51 who worked away mostly with his job being plumber then there was linda my gf mother 49 worked for the local council doing payroll i think.it all came about 1 evening we were all going to a family members 50th party at a local hotel in the centre we were all togged up smart guys in shirt some with tie some without and trousers girls in dresses and sexy heels then there was linda wow black tights which i could of been stockings sexy heels pencil skirt with a silky looking top showing her over average boobs with her hair up like a secratary it was instant bone on material even lindsays hubby to be said to me i would smash her to bits his exact words i just nodded as i was just wowed by how sexy she looked.as the night went on everybody was enjoying them selfs and about 11 oclock rob lindsay lucy and her bf all went to the local night club me not being able to get in stayed in the party with a friend i ... played footy with talking at the bar my gf would get in as she looked much older with make up so easily walked passed the bouncersso my mate says to me at the bar fair play linda is a smary classy milf and laughs i just agree thinking what i would do to be balls deep in her she was a blond version of susanna reid from moring telly my mate asked if i wanted any what i said u know oh right i said ok now i dont normally do it but the confidence it gives is amazing i wouyld never of ased hannah out if i wasnted cxxed up so out we come feeling like 2 studs in a brothelmy mat spots a bird on her own so woosh hes gone i glance over and see linda talking to her aunty i think looking bored i stroll over and she tells me to sit and talk to this woman who i didnt have a clue who it was next thing linda cimes back over with a larger for me and a vodka for her i could tell she had a bit much by the way she was sluringbye said the woman and got up and left still not nowing who it was. now im flying at this moment and at 1 on 1 in the party with linda do i dont i . linda then turns and says hannah a lucky girl to have you your a swwet boy im thinking no please say sexy u do any thing for her wouldnt you you work hard u take her every where if you marry her dont let your marrage get stale she said i bit slurry so being as i was confident as hell i answered if she looked like you at your age no way would it be stale and laughed she looked at me al serious with afrown stare and then laughed my ...