1. The Ride

    Date: 5/14/2018, Categories: Fiction , Consensual Sex, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Wife / MILF, Author: Navrocky, Source: sexstories.com

    The long winding road only reviled itself as far as the headlights stretched. The low hum of the tires as it runs along the paved highways. He had very little stimuli on this long trip, few lights, just a flat road and corn fields. Adam’s eyes felt as though there was sandpaper on the lids and with every blink he felt the abrasion. He’s glancing over every so often, to look at his wife Jenny in her comatose state. Even as he strayed off the road to verify that the rumble-strips are still there, did not seem to faze her. They have been driving for just over 5 hours now, after a rash decision to get on the road after dark. They had been invited to a wedding and figured it best to leave shortly after the reception. She had promised to keep him awake; at least that was the plan. Suddenly a break in the darkness as the next town’s light pierced through the dark sky. “Ah Coffee…” muttering to himself, that’s what I need some coffee. He looks as the exit signs whizzed by, and sees that there are restaurants and gas up ahead. As he exits the slowing momentum stirs his wife, she muttered “What’s wrong?” “Oh nothing, just need some coffee.” He pulled into the gas station and figured it would be a good idea to full up the tank. No need to waist another stop. They were only 1 hour away from home. He started the pump and ran into the store. This was a small town gas station store, really small, and had the pungent smell of whatever cleaning chemicals they used in the bathroom. The ... attendant, a middle aged man, heavyset and had obviously made some wrong life choices, sat behind the register. He was thumbing through one of the many smut magazines’ that were proudly displayed on a large rack. Adam walked in the store and preceded to the bathroom, “Might as well” he thought, walking past the self-service coffee machine, with little over a large cup available. Jenny still in the car asleep, the fuel finished pumping and the auto cut off sound roused her. She looked around until she located Adam as he seemed to be paying for his coffee. Adam walked back to the car, removed the gas pump and entered the car. He was greeted by a half asleep wife, asking “Where’s mine?” Adam handed over his cup to her and went back into the store, where he realized he took the last cup. He began assembling the required items to brew another pot. The coffee was brewing and he began to wonder the store, stopping at the rack of smut magazines. Looking at the various poses and scenes depicted on the covers. He felt a familiar sensation as he perused the vast array of sexually charged pictures. The coffee machine beeped, and he left the rack to make his cup. He walked back to the car, opened the door and Jenny had drifted off to sleep again. He placed the drink in its holder, and started back on the road. His mind still racing from the images he’d encountered, glanced over to his wife. Not wearing here normal travel wear consisting of sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt, which was ...