1. My Nude Beach Adventure Ch. 02

    Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: byrockhard231, Source: Literotica

    I woke up the next day with a big smile on my face. I had no plans for the day, so decided to head back to the nude beach. I threw the covers off and got up, checking out my naked body in the mirror before putting on my sun dress. I liked checking myself out; my full breasts, round ass, trimmed dark pubes leading to my slit. I loved my body, and after the previous day at the nude beach, I loved showing it off even more. I had some breakfast, packed a snack, water bottle, and towel then left for another day of fun in the sun. I hoped the younger guy from the previous day would be there, but either way I was looking forward to spending the day naked. I pulled up to the beach, and by the time I shut the door to my car my dress was off. I was feeling much more confident today, and couldn't wait to get rid of some tan lines. I walked down the path to the beach area, where I see an older couple sitting in chairs in the sun, her boobs and his balls hanging heavily. I smile as I walk by, next walking past another older gentleman on his own, suntanning on his stomach. His lack of tan lines made me think he must be a regular here. I kept walking to the farther end of the beach, tucked behind some trees that came out to the water. This is where I found, from the day before, where all the fun occurs. I get over there and am surprised to see the guy I briefly talked to the day before is already here! I make my way over to him, walking past a younger couple, maybe even the same age as me. ... She is tall, blonde and skinny and he is athletically built with brown hair. She has small boobs, with perky little nipples, and a thick blonde bush covering her vagina. He was completely shaved, his small limp cock laid off to the side, as his large full sack hung between his legs. I again smiled as I walked past, noting the other older couple on the far end of the beach, before walking up to my new friend. He was laying on his stomach suntanning. "Mind if I join you?" I asked. He looked up, somewhat surprised to see my naked body standing right in front of him. I could see he paused briefly to stare at my pussy. "I was hoping you would show up today," he replied with a smile. I laid my towel down and joined him on my stomach, creating small talk and getting to know him. His name was Rob, he was in town for work, he was an engineer or something. We talked a bit about nudity; he said he hated wearing clothes since he was young, and rarely wore them at home. He tried to come to nude beaches as much as possible. I said I was similar, but this was just my second time at a nude beach. We laid in the sun for a bit, enjoying the clear, warm day. I turned onto my back, exposing my boobs to the sun, the slight breeze causing my nipples to erect. He followed and turned onto his back too. I snuck a few glances at his long limp cock. His balls hung low between his legs, warm from the sun. After a while of sitting beneath the beating sun I decided I was too warm and wanted to go in the ...