1. Flasher Girl

    Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: Masturbation / Toys, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: kissing_frogs, Source: xHamster

    Introduction:If you like looking up girls skirts, then you will probably like this.I’m Pepper and please dont judge me too much for grammar and all that because Im not a professional writer and I don’t wana get all bogged down seeing if I did everything right. I mean jeeeeze, if you wana have great writing and sex then how about just going to your local library and blowing yourself some Shakespeare? Anyway, this is about when I got into flashing and its my first story here.……………...I’m 22 and almost 5ft4 and 118 with brown eyes and almost black hair. I have mischief in my eyes a lot because I got mischief in my head a lot.Anyway, I got into flashing back before I was in high school. Not like blatant flashing or pulling my panties down in public, but like spreading my legs and making it seem I didn’t know I was doing it. Like whooooopseees, sorry about that. Some girls like doing it but what I can say about me is that I realllly liked doing it. Like in the right situation, it gets me going.It started by accident when I was in middle school. Totally by accident. I flashed a teacher. I didnt know I was even doing it.How it started was in geography class and it was BORRRRing. So I was turned around to say something to my friend Paige who sat behind me. When I turned back to look the right direction again, I saw Mr. Ballentine TOTALLY checking me out. I mean, between my legs! No doubt either. He was looking.Was I mad? Nooooo. I mean, yeah my brain at first was saying “perve!” but ... my body wasnt agreeing because I definitely had a major case of the tingles. I didn’t know why. But also I couldnt be mad because I was the one not paying attention to my legs and I should of known better because I had on a loose fitting skirt.Then, he looked disturbed---like he would glance again but like with a bit of a frown. Maybe it bothered him that he had looked. I don’t know. But when I did it “accidentally” again, he looked again and I liked it even though I didnt know why exactly. I liked that he liked it, like maybe he was turned on. By me! A grown man. A teacher too.After that when I wore a skirt or dress to school I sometimes spread my legs in his class on purpose but not obvious cuz I figured that would get me taken to the principal.I told my bestie Cherry (was Cheri but she wanted to be Cherry) who was 14 but she didn’t seem like she was all that into it. She was bi so maybe that had something to do with it. Or maybe it wasnt fucking so it wasn’t enough for her.Okay so I should say, I pretty much always been a bit of a rebel. Not a bratty one. More of a silent rebel. Like my parents would tell me what to do and I would sometimes just ignore them. If they grounded me, I would go out anyway. I always hated anything that feels like its against my own freedom. I mean, it makes me feel like Im being crowded of squished.I know that’s why I was into weed--- like WAY into weed even back that young. Cherry was 14 so she was older and she usually got it. I could smoke ...