1. Serving Our Every Need

    Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: Group Sex, Author: bythuchuprep, Source: Literotica

    Her hair is what caught my attention first. She had flowing locks of red, like lines of lava streaming down her head to her shoulders. Her outfit was stylish, but not one that would warrant a second look at a gala such as this: a gray poplin three-quarter length sleeved shirt and four-button black polyester-lined waistcoat. Her black and silver tartan necktie had a splash of red - not as brilliant as her hair, but enough to splash color on a very conservative look. Her black straight leg trousers completed the ensemble, and it was in giving her the once over that I noticed just how long her legs were. "Sir, would you care for a canapé?" she said, holding a golden platter aloft that was adorned with puff pastries and crackers topped with various spreads. "Sure," I said, reaching for the tray. I hadn't really cared to eat, but I knew I wanted to keep this woman in my orbit. "Thank you...uh...what is your name?" I asked, silently cursing the catering company too cheap to supply nametags. "Kira," she replied, offering a polite smile with her response. "Kira, can you do me a favor?" "I can certainly try, sir," she replied. "Can you find the woman with the sparking wine and send her my way?" I said, figuring that the caterer must have bought salt futures if they were going so heavy on the seasoning. "Sure, sir." "Robert. My name is Robert. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Kira," I said, extending my hand. She shook my hand, perhaps out of politeness or obligation. Her hands ... were soft, as if she had figured out the magic elixir that had eluded most of us. As Kira departed, Janet - my sweetheart, my darling, my inamorata - returned to my side. "Getting friendly with the help again, Bobby?" she said, casting a playful smile as she spoke. "I couldn't take my eyes of her hair. It was radiant," I said in a voice slightly lower than the constant murmur of the ballroom. "Yeah, while you were obsessing about her hair, I was ogling her ass. You think that derriere has even been paddled, Bobby?" "Nah, she seems so demure," I replied. "But I suppose there's only one way to know for sure." Janet turned toward me; her gaze was more disapproving than flirtatious now. "You wouldn't. Look around. We are the envy of almost everyone in this room because of our philanthropy. I'm not going to ruin our reputation because you want to get handsy here with the hired help." I put my hands up in a "stop" gesture. "Relax, I'm not going to do anything that would ruin our good standing - especially because I know it would please these pricks to see us get dropped down a peg." While I made my way around to glad-hand each fellow benefactor, Kira remained in my periphery. I had a weakness for freckles. Kira's skin, the color of alabaster, was covered in them - at least what I could see. How wonderful it would be to play "connect the dots" with my mouth. I caught sight of Janet talking to one of the more oily donors - a 60s man with a portly belly and lecherous eyes - and made a ...