1. Navy Lesbian Girlfriend Introduces me to "Hen

    Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: Lesbian, Masturbation / Toys, First Time, Author: captjim51, Source: xHamster

    Navy Girlfriend Teaches Me a Lifelong LessonBy far the best day I ever had in the Navy was when my Commanding Officer called me into his office and told me I would be mentoring Maureen O’Conner the first British Air Traffic Control Candidate here at the Navy Air Traffic Control School in Memphis. I expected to pick up a short haired, chubby, dowdy British girl at the airport. But instead a very tall, red haired Irish beauty in a British Navy uniform stepped off the plane. Maureen was stunningly beautiful woman in or out of uniform. ATC School was one of the hardest schools in the Navy and I helped Maureen pass her rigorous weekly exams. After all, guiding jet airplanes going 600 miles per hour is not a game for dummies.Well we were roommates for about a month when I noticed Maureen was not impressed with the immature men she found in Memphis. After three weeks I really was growing to like her and she gave out subtle signs that she liked me. Then came the Friday I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I had the chance to go to “Jenny’s Place” my favorite local lesbian bar. I had to work off the sexual tension that had built up from being around Maureen. I saw her every day in her bra and panties, and occasionally a glimpse of her nude, when we when she came out of the shower. Her perfect body and conical shaped tits and that patch of fiery red pubic hair above her pussy drove me crazy.At times she would leave the room and I would masturbate as I fantasized about making love to ... her. I dreamed of us together as I devoured her pussy and looked up over her flat stomach at her face as she moaned in agony from the pleasure my tongue was giving her. I fantasized about making love to her in every way possible; orally, anally, and pussy to pussy.Well here I was at Jenny’s and I got the shock of my life when I saw Maureen across the dance floor. She was dancing with a young female Ensign from the base that one of my girlfriends had spent the night with. The dance ended and Maureen came right up to me and said “I thought so” and hugged me. Her hair was up under the baseball hat she was wearing, she wore a low-cut spandex top with no bra to show off her perky nipples, her jean shorts highlighted her shapely ass. She looked as “Butch” as a women as beautiful as she could look. We danced, drank and I fell in love with her that night. It’s been a month now and we are now lovers.Maureen was a much more experienced lesbian than I am. My two former roommates introduced me to lesbian love. But they were just using my virgin body as a toy to play with and really didn’t love me. Since I have met Maureen she has patiently introduced into the lesbian lifestyle and how to please a woman sexually. I remember how one Friday night I had made love to Maureen for two hours and we both fell back exhausted. Maureen whispered in my ear, tomorrow night it's my turn, I'll introduce you to my friend “Henry” he’s got a ten inch long cock and you’ll love him.Saturday came around and ...