1. The Intern Ch. 04

    Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: BDSM, Author: byFrostShard, Source: Literotica

    The day after Mengxia had me listen in to her having sex with her boyfriend, I went back into work with some trepidation. Aroused from my three weeks denied orgasm, humiliated by the events of the previous evening and nervous about my meeting with Mengxia that evening, I could barely focus on work, and it seemed to take ages for 5 pm to roll around. At last, it was four-fifty and I'd finished everything I needed to do. I put my laptop back into my bag, and cleaned up everything else. I then hesitated, in the centre of the room. Mengxia's instructions had been clear. Although I had undressed in front of her twice already, it was different to do it alone. Feeling somewhat foolish, I unlaced and stepped out of my shoes and peeled off my socks. I undid my belt and then my pants, folding them neatly on my desk. Finally, I took of my shirt and boxers. I was left standing in the middle of my vice-presidential suite, completely naked except for the pale pink hard plastic chastity device locked on my cock, responsible for the tormented state I was in. Remembering the next part of her instructions, I faced the door and slowly lowered myself to my knees, then folded forward onto my elbows with my palms facing upwards. I lowered my forehead until it was touching the grey carpet. I could smell the musty odour that all carpets have. Five minutes passes, and then ten. It was now 5:10. The position wasn't uncomfortable, but it was humiliating to be made to wait that way in my own office. ... More than once, I heard the distant sound of approaching shoes and was disappointed to hear them recede down another corridor. Another 20 minutes went by, and I wonder if she was going to show up at all. Was this some kind of test? At last, I heard the familiar click-clack of high heels approaching and getting louder and louder. I made sure to check my posture, forehead straight down, palms skyward. I held my breath. The door opened. Mengxia walked in. I didn't dare to look up, but I could hear her approaching me. I could almost imagine the self-satisfied expression on her face. The high heels click-clacked their way into my view, right in front of my face. "You're a good boy for following my instructions," I heard her voice say. "You can look up now." I looked up. It was as though I was seeing her for the very first time. Horny beyond belief from my three weeks in chastity, my eyes travelled over Mengxia stunned by how good she looked. She was wearing knee-high heeled boots, the black tips gently tapping the floor. I slowly looked up, taking in her fishnet stockings encasing her long legs, up to the hem of her black dress, which was just a little higher than strictly appropriate. The dress was cut off at her upper forearms, and showed a hint of cleavage. Her beautiful face stared down at me, a mocking smile taking shape around her lips. "There he is," she said. "The senior Vice President, kneeling naked in his own office, and all because he was denied an orgasm for three weeks ...