1. Bartering Sex, Bride as Payment, Ch. 03

    Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: bySusanJillParker, Source: Literotica

    Please vote. As if your vote is my applause, please vote. * As part of his cooperation in bartering sex for payment of their wedding expenses, Ashley demanded that Michael have sex with his sister, Christine, first before she has sex with the nine men that they owe money. Continued from Chapter 02: Then, as if deflated, she fell silent. As soon as she had an orgasm from her son giving her oral sex, not even allowing her to bask in the afterglow of having a sexual orgasm, he mounted her. Something he thought he'd never do, especially after getting married, he couldn't believe he mounted his mother. He couldn't believe his mother allowed him to mount her. He couldn't believe he was about to make love with his mother. Instead of rejecting him by pushing him away, she reached down for him to slide his dick inside of her. Obviously, she wanted him to make love to her as much as he wanted to make love to her. Obviously, she was as eager to fuck her son as much as he was eager to fuck his mother. He gently humped his mother to slowly slide his stiff prick deeper inside of her. Then, he humped her a little faster and a little harder. As soon as he humped her a little harder and a little faster, she returned his harder and faster humps with her harder and faster humps. Building their rhythm, as if they were the couple who just got married and were on their honeymoon, he made sweet, slow love to his mother before he fucked his mother fast and hard. Fucking his mother faster, he ... fucked his mother harder. Fucking his mother harder, he fucked his mother deeper. He fucked his mother as fast, as hard, and as deep as he fucked his wife. Something he had always imagined doing when masturbating, he couldn't believe he was fucking his mother and she was fucking him. It was one thing for him to fantasize fucking his mother while masturbating but it was something else to really fuck his mother. She returned his fast, hard, and deep humps with her fast, hard, and deep humps. Again, another thing he imagined while masturbating, he still couldn't believe his mother was fucking him. He couldn't believe that his mother sexually wanted him as much as he incestuously wanted her. Determined to get her to cum a second time, literally pounding her pussy in the mattress, he wanted to give his mother the fucking of her life. He wanted his mother to be happy instead of being so sad. In the way that he had given her a sexual orgasm with his fingers and tongue, he wanted to give her a sexual orgasm with his cock. "Oh, Michael. Michael. Don't stop. Hump me harder. Hump me faster. Fuck me, Michael. Fuck me. Fuck your mother," she said collapsing in bed as if she had been shot. She stayed like that with the both panting and sweating until she spoke again. "Good God, Michael. Good God. That was unbelievable. That was so unbelievable," she said kissing him. "That was the best sex I ever had in my life." As soon as she had her second orgasm, again, instead of enjoying the afterglow of ...