1. Team Bonding Ch. 02

    Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: BDSM, Author: byMrFahrenheit, Source: Literotica

    ************************************************** This story features a BDSM scene in which someone who has never been dominant before takes the dominant role. In the first part of this trilogy (yes, there will be one more part coming out, much sooner than the gap between my first story and this one) the dominant has experience, and that's reflected in the psychological aspect of the scene. My hope is that the scene in this story reflects the inexperience of the dominant, while still keeping the "fun" aspects of BDSM in play, both psychologically and physically. I mention all this because while these stories are connected, the scenes are INTENDED to feel a little different. And, the final part will be even a little different still from the first two. Comments and ratings are appreciated; I'm still pretty new to this website so please be kind. Enjoy! ************************************************** The scent of blueberries and maple syrup broke the spell that had fallen over me, snapping me out of the hypnosis induced by watching the masked stranger in stockings and high heels on my laptop screen getting bent over silky red sheets and spanked with a riding crop. At least, she felt like a stranger. She was I, and I was she. Or, rather, I had been her only hours ago. The hits were coming at an even rhythm, precise and direct, until the man standing behind me on screen stopped to step closer and ease his cock slowly but purposefully into my visibly wet pussy; God bless whoever ... invented high definition digital cameras. With one arm tucked behind his back, the other arm raised up high, he fell back into a pattern.Stroke stroke stroke SWAT, stoke stroke stroke SWAT. I moved over a little as Alex Molloy sat down next to me and set a plate of hot pancakes down on the arm of the couch to my side. Alex was, aside from being the man responsible for my tender tushy this morning, an excellent cook, and he served up breakfasts in the morning that were almost as good as the orgasms he served in the heart of the night. It was a cold Sunday in late January, and I was back at school after being home on Christmas break. Alex and I had been forced to put our now regular rendezvouses on hold when we both left town, but we were back for the start of the semester. The first week of classes had been stressful, but not too demanding. However, with practice back underway and our first indoor meet of the season coming up fast, I had been itching for some release. Alex had started showing me both the proverbial and literal ropes of kinky sex back in the fall during the cross-country season. Ostensibly a means of showing me how to break out of my comfort zone and test my psychological limits, our sessions had evolved as I got a better and better grip on both my running and my limits in the bedroom. I wasn't seeing anyone else, and neither was Alex. We both knew he was graduating in the spring and would be gone by summer; we had no illusions of romance. But Now was fun, and ...