1. D/s Done Differently

    Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: BDSM, Author: Master_Jonathan, Source: LushStories

    I had met her online. She was a fan of my writing. My name is David, and I write erotic stories for Lush Stories. I am also a D/s Master and live the Life with my submissive. So my BDSM stories are written with first-hand knowledge of what I'm talking about. I got an email from Hannah and she told me she had just finished reading my story, "Welcome Home, Master". She told me she loved how I had made the relationship between the Master and submissive in the story so warm and loving, and yet so hot and sexy. She told me she loved how the Master in the story could control her even without touching her, and how she seemed to adore his control over her. "It's so romantic... and so sexy!" she wrote. I told her I was glad she liked the story and thanked her for reading it. She said she was going to read more of them which made me feel good. I always like it when someone enjoys my stories and especially if they are a repeat reader. The next day, I got another email from Hannah. She had some questions about D/s which I was happy to answer. The first one, and one I have gotten quite a lot, is "How do I know if I am really a submissive or not?" she asked. This is a pretty common question and I tried to give her some simple advice on it. I told her that being a submissive isn't just kneeling in front of someone and fetching them a drink or something. Being a submissive is not something you DO, it's something you ARE. A true submissive had an innate desire... almost a need... to please. ... To do for others. Submissives feel most comfortable and happy when they are serving others in some way. They just choose one person to focus that service on. Hannah was satisfied with that explanation and said she thought she was a submissive because she did like serving others. She asked me if I would mind helping her learn to be a submissive; if she could ask questions and get my ideas on what a submissive is. I told her I would be happy to help her learn and gave her some URL's that she could go to to find out more about it. After that, we began to correspond fairly regularly. She asked questions about D/s and I answered them as best I could with my own views on different aspects of the Life. I told her that when the time comes for her to find a Master, he will want to do things his way but the things I told her were pretty much how most Masters felt. Along with talking D/s and the Life, we also began to become more familiar with each other on a personal level. I learned that Hannah was thirty-two years old, and worked at an agency for the physically disabled. She helped clients write up grants to get the adaptive equipment they needed, to get money to have their homes modified to suit their needs, and other things. I told her that I was an information technology specialist - a computer geek, I told her - and that I set up and maintain networks for companies, I find and fix viruses and other malware, and help with computer security. She seemed impressed, and we soon become ...