1. Mom's Friend Carla

    Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: Mature / Older, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Author: money8023, Source: xHamster

    "Now I don't have to remind you about watching your manners, do I Billy?" the boy's mother asked the lad sitting in the passenger seat of their rusting 1967 Mercury Comet, one of the many nearly worthless things the man of their house left behind when he took off a few years back."Ma!" whined the eighteen year old young man who would always be a boy in Mommy's eyes, as witnessed by the button down shirt and shiny shoes he was told to wear by his mother."I know," Patty Morin replied. "I just want you to remember that the way you talk to me when we're having our special times - well, let's just wait until everything sinks in to Aunt Carla - that the things I've told her about us are true before we get started with the naughty talk we like so much. Okay?""Okay," Billy agreed as he looked up the driveway at the house of his mother's friend Carla Rossi, a divorced lady who was like family to them both even though she wasn't really his aunt, the title merely ceremonial in a way."You don't look excited Billy.""I am Mom. I'm really excited. I'm just scared.""You aren't going to chicken out on me are you honey?" his mother complained. "After all, this was your idea. You picked her, right?""Yeah but...""I asked you - which one of my friends would you most like to fuck, and you said Mrs. Rossi right away," she reminded her boy."I know.""I had to do something honey," Patty said as she reached over and squeezed the lump in Billy's slacks, giggling as she added, "You've been wearing your ... Mommy out this summer.""Sorry," Billy grinned as the hand found the target and kneaded it lovingly."I'm not. You're just what your mother needed," Mrs. Morin said. "I only wish I knew what an incredible man was living under my roof all this time. Ready to go in?""I guess so," Billy said as he reached to open the car door."It will be great Billy. Just think about Mrs. Rossi," she suggested regarding her plump and voluptuous friend. "You told me how much you've always wanted to see those breasts of hers.""Yeah," Billy nodded."It will be a real treat for you to see a real woman's breasts after months of seeing my droopy ones.""Mom, I love your breasts and I love you," Billy protested."Thank you honey. Now make me proud," Mrs. Morin said as they exited the car and went up to the modest bungalow that fifty year old Carla Rossi called home.***"Patty," Carla Rossi said as she greeted her dearest friend with a hug, and although she was smiling like always Patty Morin knew it was forced, an indication that Carla was just as scared as her son was about this meeting."And Billy," Carla said as her friend's son entered the house, offering the same nervous smile his mother got. "Looking so handsome like always.""Hi Mrs. Rossi.""And look at you!" Patty Morin gushed as she looked over her friend's smart looking summer dress, the bright colors a change for the woman who usually dressed in more quiet garb. "New dress I see. Dressing up for the occasion?""Patty..." Carla Rossi scolded. "It's ...