1. The Straight Guy's Secret

    Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: byLupinity, Source: Literotica

    So there's this straight guy I've met at the club a couple of times. Handsome, toned, he plays soccer. The last couple of times we've met at the club he's been really charming and low key flirting a bit. He was out with his friends, and we met at the bathroom. I'm pretty open about being gay and that I'm a very sexual being. So I was joking around with him about hooking up because I always do with hot guys just as a "joke", but if they're into it I hope for the best you know. Anyways, he was laughing and joking around with me, but nothing happened that night. So I'm going out with a couple of friends last night, and we bump into him and his friends at this bar. Me and my friends say hi, and we find a place to sit. After a little while, him and one of his friends joins us at the table and starts to chat. My guy is sitting besides me, and eventually I feel his hand stroking down from his thigh onto my knee. I immediately get turned on but try not to look at him, just to play a little hard to get. Suddenly his friend mentions something about a threesome. We continue the conversation, and my guy leans over to me with a captivating smile and say "I'd like to have a threesome with you and your friend over there", discreetly pointing to one of my girlfriends. I smile back and I feel testosterone fill up my veins and my body. I give him the news that my friend is unavailable. He looks bummed, but shortly after he looks at me again, whispering "Are you good at giving blowjobs?". I ... nod with confidence. He asks me if there's any place around here we could be alone, and I suggest the bathroom. We agree that he goes first and that I follow a couple of minutes later. He gets up and leaves, and I count the minutes eagerly. When the minutes have passed, I get up and go to the bathroom. I open the bathroom stall and find my guy standing there. We close the door, he looks at me and say "Nobody can know about this" whilst unzipping his pants slowly. I look at him with lust in my eyes and whisper "Of course", before getting on my knees. He whips out his thick, juicy, hard cock. My mouth starts to water as I grab it and start stroking it slowly. I slowly start licking it from the base to the head, ending each long lick with a flicker of the tongue at his head. He starts moaning quietly and I continue licking it. I work my way down to his big balls and start sucking on them. Then I lick my way upwards to the head one last time before I take his cock slowly between my lips and let it enter my mouth. I focus on pleasuring his head with a hard tongue-massage and a strong suction with my mouth. I work my way down, inch by inch, taking it deeper and deeper. He moans a bit louder but I can tell he's trying to keep it down. I let it slide slowly out from between my lips as I again flicker at his head with my tongue. I then open wide and go all the way, still slowly. I feel his head touching the back of my throat as I deepthroat his juicy big cock. His body shivers as I ...