Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: Celebrities, Hardcore, Author: Dawn_Summers, Source: xHamster

    DREAMING OF DAWNFaith couldn't help it - even as she ate the pussy of the forty-something woman splayed out in front of her, she thought of nothing but B's little s!ster. The bitch in the suit - dressed for power lunches and corporate shenanigans, not to mention tongue fucks by tramps picked up in seedy bars – barely existed outside her peripheral vision. She was just a meal, someone Faith had said yes to, simply for amusement. The bitch didn’t know it, but she was just a prop in Faith’s depraved little fantasy...This was the third such woman Faith had picked up. Or been picked up by, as they surely thought of it as. Her conquests didn't know who, or what, she was. They were looking for a quick fuck, something to take their minds off the stress of whatever-the-fuck industry they were tied up in. None of the three had even worn panties at their respective bars, which was what had attracted Faith to them. She took their drinks, took their offers, ate them, and then turned the tables. They always said no at first, always insisted on being in charge, but by the end of the night Faith always had them begging for more.The only one she'd enjoyed was the young one. She'd been the second. Young, firm, with a long mane of dark hair and an air of innocence betrayed by her sexual expertise. The other two had been far older than Faith herself, though each did their best not to let it show - hello boob jobs, botox, and fuck, the first one MUST have had her twat tightened. Yet they showed ... no real signs of experience. Nothing worthwhile, at least.Number Two, though, she was something special, just a few years older than the Slayer herself, full of energy, and full of ideas - she'd been up for all sorts of experiments of a sexual nature, and even Faith had been surprised when the girl had asked to be fisted.Still, Faith aimed to please. So, she fisted the girl, fingered herself, and it was number two she had been munching on when she first envisioned Dawn.Dawn. Buffy's little s!ster. Naked. Nubile. Wet. Fucking glistening.Fucking yummy.She'd bit down on the girl's clit as she came, screaming the name of her old rival's teenage s!ster.Number Two didn't care. Number Two wasn't physically capable of hearing at that precise moment, as she'd passed out with Faith's fist lodged in her cunt.Now, in the moments before she forced her current conquest's nose into her twat, she admitted to herself at last that it was Dawn she really wanted. These quick fucks had to stop. She'd only enjoyed the second girl because she had seen her as Dawn. Now this third bitch was just a stand-in, or a blank screen at least, onto which she projected the image of Buffy’s little sis. Damn.Nothing short of B's little s!ster was going to satisfy her.Sighing, she pushed the woman eagerly lapping her cunt away. The bitch actually made a moan of disappointment - amazing how quickly her resistance had turned to eagerness."Sorry, honey - time's up. My advice - get yourself a vibe. You being the busy ...