1. Movie date leads to more

    Date: 5/15/2018, Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: aychtrj1, Source: LushStories

    Charlie and Mandy were in the same class in college. Charlie always had a thing for Mandy right from the first time he had laid his eyes upon her. Even though Mandy initially played hard-to-get, gradually Charlie was able to woo her and she agreed to go out with him for a movie. So, they went to the theatre and got the tickets for the newly released romantic comedy. About fifteen minutes into the movie, Mandy was feeling bored, when suddenly she felt an arm encircled her waist and tried to pull her closer. It was Charlie. Mandy was impressed by this and gave in to him, resting her head upon his shoulder. But the hand didn’t stop just there. It tried to enter inside her top and began caressing her belly. Mandy could feel his fingers touching all over her belly and waist. She liked this part too and kissed Charlie several times on his cheek. Then, she felt the hand go further up and pull up her bra a bit. It caught hold of her left boob and began massaging it, pressing deeply. Then it grabbed hold of her nipple with two fingers and began twisting and turning it in such a way that Mandy was feeling turned on and closed her eyes in pleasure. The hand continued to twitch and play with her nipple, moving it round and round. Mandy released a small gasp. Fortunately the theatre wasn’t much crowded so few people could hear her. She pulled Charlie towards her and bit him on his neck and began to nibble on his ear, sometimes moaning into it. Charlie got a boner pretty quick and began ... fantasizing about fucking her well. During the interval, they got up and started to adjust their clothes properly. Charlie looked at Mandy and asked her if she would like to head out to his place. Mandy nodded and they left the theatre. On the way back, Charlie had trouble keeping his eyes on the road as he felt Mandy’s hands unzipped his pant, go inside and caress his dick. Once at his place, Charlie got out of the car and lifted Mandy up on his arms, and began to smooch her while unlocking the door. Once inside, he put her down on the couch and continued to kiss her around her neck and shoulder while he took off his shirt. He took off her top as well and went down, kissed all around her belly button, pushed his nose inside and took a couple of deep sniffs in the process as well. Mandy was running her fingers through his hair, sometimes clutching it tightly. After he had licked her belly button wet with his tongue, he went up and pushed his face into her boobs. He licked on them, sucked on her nipples and bit them voraciously. Then, he stood up and pulled down his pants. He pushed his erect tool into her mouth and told her to start sucking on it. Mandy started to go up and down his dick, caressing it with her tongue, rolling her tongue around it. After doing it for a significant amount of time, Mandy felt something inside her mouth. She was in the process of withdrawing his dick from her mouth but Charlie unloaded before that and, as a result, she was dripping cum from her ...