1. A Redhead in Thailand

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Lesbian, Author: Nathan_Renly, Source: LushStories

    Ally sat at the end of a cheap hostel table listening to young Westerners discussing the nuances of social circles back home. She focused more on the slowly advancing time of her iPhone than the chattering of her friends, as her mind lingered on the afternoon’s events, the wrong turn down the sleazy side street of Soi 6, and a young Thai prostitute she’d encountered. An unfamiliar wild streak built within, and she wished away the monotony of another night in a hostel with Westerners. She was fascinated by the glamorous Thai girl “Gib”, by her sexuality, her culture, and indeed her profession. She wanted to experience more of it, more of the world so unlike her own. When the time to depart arrived, she calmly returned to her room to change clothes. She’d brought just the outfit, she’d thought, a fashionable blue skirt and matching top such as rich girls would wear to a wedding. Spending extra time on her hair and makeup, her best friend had noticed her absence before she had the chance to sneak out. “What are you doing, Ally?” she asked. “I’m going out.” “You’re going back to see that whore, aren’t you?” Ally rolled her eyes. “Don’t call her that,” she said. “She’s a whore, Ally. She’s not like you and I.” “Kristi, you’re in Thailand, and you want to hide in a hostel?” “It’s dangerous! Don’t be stupid!” Kristi yelled. “Maybe, but I’m going! If you’re worried, you should come, too.” “No way, Ally. No way.” “Ok then, I’ll be fine, don’t tell the others, please.” Ally exited the ... hostel and made her way to Beach Road, being alone in a foreign country for the first time in her life. The nightlife of Pattaya was getting in swing with crowds making their way to their planned gatherings. She negotiated the sea of inebriated tourists to Soi 6 and turned down the alley. Soi 6 had transformed. The girls were wearing more provocative outfits, and many were standing in the middle of the street calling to the multitudes of passing sex tourists. A horde of drunken men sat in the bars with piles of beers, laughing and yelling. As a few Indians stopped to catcall at her, Ally flinched. Her instincts told her to run away and never look back, but she shook her head and dismissed both the Indians and herself, and continued further into the depths of Soi 6. Approaching Gib’s bar, she noticed a figure standing in the door, a beautiful hourglass silhouette, wearing a high-end black and white stripped one-piece dress, shoulderless and stretching to mid-thigh, her bare legs supported by jewel studded black stilettos. “I knew you’d come!” yelled Gib. “I’m so happy!” “I had to,” smiled Ally. “Let’s get out of here!” yelled Gib, bouncing off the step of the bar. Gib grabbed Ally’s hand, and led her across the street to a waiting motorbike-taxi. “Have you ever ridden one of these?” Gib asked. Ally shook her head. “Ok, I’ll ride in back, climb on,” said Gib motioning to a Thai man in an orange vest sitting on a motorbike. Ally slid close to the driver on the 3-person scooter, ...