1. A Redhead in Thailand

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Lesbian, Author: Nathan_Renly, Source: LushStories

    being careful to drape her skirt under her. Her white legs were laid bare to the street as the skirt crawled up her thighs. She delicately placed her sandaled feet on the middle peg. Gib jumped on the back, and squeezed her thighs against Ally’s buttocks. Placing her hands on Ally’s shoulders, she spoke in Thai to the driver, who whipped the loaded bike down Soi 6. “Woohoo!” yelled Gib. As the bike turned off Soi 6 and down Beach Road, Ally felt the left hand of Gib slide in a tender caress down the small of her back, before relaxing on her left hip. She felt the soft cheek of Gib on her left ear, joy radiating from her touch. “Relax honey,” said Gib. Ally took a deep breath, relaxed her rigid spine, and leaned backwards. Gib giggled, rested her chin on Ally’s neck, and wrapped her right arm around Ally’s belly. Ally sensed a subtle pounding in her chest as the contour of Gib’s body became more defined and the rush of the world around her fell into surreality. Ally grabbed Gib’s forearm and Gib responded by inching herself even closer. Ahead, lights from the buildings and a giant marquee lit up the street where the crowds intensified. “Walking Street, you go before?” Gib asked. “No, I've only hear about it,” answered Ally. Gib laughed. “Woooo!” she yelled, extending her arms in the air. “Woo-hoo!” joined Ally. The two girls turned heads as they slid off the motorbike-taxi under the giant marquee of Walking Street. Ally’s excitement grew as she discovered another new world. ... Bass thumped from a club, young Thai waitresses stood at doors of open-air restaurants beckoning customers, and crowds of men and women from all countries shuffled down the wide street. Gib took her by the hand and led her through the mass down the cobbled world-famous attraction. “Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya,” Ally repeated from a sign over one of the bars. “Yes,” answered Gib. “Many bad boys here.” Ally’s instincts communicated yet another strange presence in a group of ladies wearing evening dresses outside the next bar. They were attractive, with gorgeous but overdone makeup, and yet something seemed unusual about them. As she dragged Gib over for a closer look, one of them locked eyes with her. “Oh my God! Tee Hee Hee!” the girl screamed, bouncing up and down. “Your hair so beautiful, sweetie!” Hearing the twang in her voice, Ally realized the truth, ladyboys! She smiled and laughed at the sudden attention, as the group of ladyboys surrounded her. “I want your hair!” “Tee Hee Hee, you are so lucky!” “You are like a princess! Like Lindsay Lohan!” “No No No, more beautiful than Lindsay! And more sweet!” The ladyboys further encroached and attempted to run their fingers through her hair, until Gib stepped between them. “Back off! She’s mine!” she yelled. To a chorus of giggles, Gib dragged Ally away. “Be careful with them,” she laughed. As they continued through the crowds, Ally noticed Thai girls standing outside bars in the same manner Gib had on Soi 6. ...