1. A Redhead in Thailand

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Lesbian, Author: Nathan_Renly, Source: LushStories

    The girls were better looking than their Soi 6 counterparts except for Gib. “Why don’t you work here?” asked Ally. “Oh, I not like here for work, many tourists. Take pictures, rude. Soi 6, better business.” They approached a building with several bouncers huddled around a small set of double doors with bass radiating from the inside. Groups of Thai couples, foreign men, and single Thai ladies formed a short line to enter the club. Gib walked around them, towing Ally with one hand and nodded to one of the bouncers. “Gib! Who’s this?” “My friend from California!” “Ok, be careful in there! Have fun!” The bouncers’ necks strained as the two strode into the club, where the appearance of yet another unfamiliar world stopped Ally in her tracks. Coyote dancers gyrated on podiums surrounding a packed dance floor, and the music reverberated in her chest as she gathered herself. Being too young for such clubs back in California, she felt as if she were breaking a rule. Her tummy fluttered as she encouraged herself forward. “Come on! Shots!” exclaimed Gib. Arriving at the bar, Gib and the bartender exchanged words as he produced two green shots. Gib handed one to her and grinned. “Your favorite! But better!” Gib raised her shot in the air to Ally. “One, two, three, go!” yelled Gib. Ally downed the smooth apple shot, “Wooooo!” “Woo-hoo!” screamed Gib. “One more?” “Oh, hell yes!” Ally yelled. The bartender, already pouring, produced another two shots. The girls downed them and slapped ... them on the bar, never paying. Gib blew the bartender a kiss as she led Ally to the dance floor. They weaved through young Thais mingling on their night out, older farangs with their one-night dates, and solo Thai girls waiting to be picked up. Everyone turned to Ally and Gib. The sight was unusual, even for a Walking Street club. As Gib pushed an area apart, Ally tuned out the stares and distractions of the club, did her best to dance to the hip-hop music, and focused on Gib, attempting to mimic her moves. Ally lost herself in a trance watching the captivating sways and in-sync gyrations Gib performed to the club’s music. Though Ally’s hypnosis was quickly broken when Gib’s attention suddenly turned to the space behind her, but before she could spin around, she felt a hand crawl up her butt cheek. As she jumped at the startling grope, Gib had leapt forward, drop kicking the perpetrator and digging her stiletto heel into his groin. Ally turned to see a fat middle-aged farang hunched over. Gib screamed at the top of her lungs at the man as the dancing crowd caught notice and parted. “You fucking bitch!” he yelled. “Fuck you!” yelled Gib as she loaded up again. Alerted to the commotion, Thai security guards appeared and stood between them. Gib related the events to them in Thai as the man tried to make denials. He stood no chance, and the guards grabbed him by the arms and flung him from the dance floor, to cheers of the club goers. “Sorry, honey,” said Gib, throwing her arms ...