1. A Redhead in Thailand

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Lesbian, Author: Nathan_Renly, Source: LushStories

    around her neck. Ally’s heart throbbed as she felt the protective embrace of Gib. Her head began to swim in the wave of the club’s music as tingles flowed through her body, and in movements that seemed as if her body had taken over control, she pulled back against Gib’s hold, running her cheek into Gib’s, until her mouth contacted her waiting lips. She swept her hands up Gib’s back and pulled their lips tightly together. The world spun around Ally as the shots began to take their full affect, while the experienced caress of Gib’s tongue found its way into her mouth. Beyond the apple, Ally tasted an exotic sweetness, as she sucked madly on her tongue to absorb as much as she could. Their dancing had ceased as they enjoyed their first kiss, blocking out the snickers from around them. Ally felt the front of her skirt flap and a moment later, the back of Gib’s two fingers contacted her clit through her damp cotton panties. Ally’s eyes opened wide to see the stare of Gib, who smiled seductively, never allowing their lips to part. As they watched each other’s reactions, Gib pulled her close and rotated the hand invading her skirt to collide her finger tips into Ally’s clit, massaging down to her opening, which lubricated despite the cover of panties. A tension radiated up, throbbing with the music in her heart, as the caress of two cotton-wrapped fingers softly parted her lips. The two fingers moved perfectly, as if Ally were guiding them herself, rubbing from the apex of her ... clit, down teasing penetration. Stumbling to find the control of her legs, Ally wrapped her arms tightly around her shoulders, her hips moving in sync with the two fingers. Gib slapped her free hand on Ally’s ass to apply more pressure. Ally could only close her eyes and dig her chin into Gib’s neck for balance. The two fingers left her skirt and Gib’s two hands pushed her hips backwards in a controlled stumble. The club whirled past her until her back collided with a door and bright lights spilled into her world. Still stumbling, she finally collided with a bathroom stall and noticed turned heads from Thai girls at the mirrors touching up their makeup. Gib turned to the audience for a moment, made a remark in Thai, and then flipped open the stall and pushed Ally backward into the private confines, to a spattering of chuckles. Ally was fearless. Finally alone with Gib, she desired nothing but the feeling of her hand back on her clit and her tongue in her mouth. She sat back on the toilet tank, spread her legs and hiked her skirt, exposing her white cotton panties between her pasty legs glistening with sweat. Gib latched the door and moved to attack Ally, straddling the toilet bowl, and again locking lips and burying her fingers in her pussy. “You are so sexy,” Gib said. “No, you are. I can’t believe how I feel with you,” answered Ally. Ally gasped as Gib’s fingers slid around the sides of her panties. Gib, with the experience of a professional, was careful to massage with the ...