1. Holiday Whores

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Fiction , Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Straight Sex, Author: John X Thompson, Source: sexstories.com

    Holiday Whores. When I flew off with my mate Richard for a week in the sun we soon found most of what we’d come for: sun, sand and booze. But by the time our our holiday was fast coming to an end we were still lacking the one thing a pair of randy twenty seven year olds wanted most – sex. We’d hung around the right beaches and bars, but the closest we’d come to naked female flesh had been the strippers in the local striptease bars. Then on our last but one day it happened. Richard and I were sitting in the poolside bar in our swim shorts and sports shirt tops ogling the contents of bikinis and swimsuits when we noticed two women approaching us, a blonde and a brunette. We’d seen them around the pool earlier in the week in bikinis that showed they had good figures. They were attractive and looked mid thirties. The blonde was in a microscopic red bikini with a loose, open fronted thigh length light blue shirt tossed over it, with the breeze catching her long hair. The brunette had neat dark hair down just below her ears and was in brief white shorts so tight they looked spray painted on and thin enough to show the outline of dark panties through the thin white cloth, with a pink blouse. They strolled toward us and perched on stools either side of us, the blonde next to Richard and the brunette next to me. The blonde let her shirt fall open to show big breasts only just covered by tiny triangles of red cloth of her bikini. The brunette’s blouse tightened making it obvious she ... wasn't wearing anything else underneath and that her big breasts were firm enough that she didn't need to. The blonde spoke first. “Hi boys. We saw you had your eye on us.” My initial thought was that they were prostitutes, but the brunette must have read my mind. “We're not prostitutes. We've been here without our husbands all week. They're joining us at the weekend, but we’re getting lonely in bed waiting. I’m Julie and this is Linda” They were both wearing wedding rings. “Would you like to come back to our apartment?” said blonde Linda with a grin “ We can do some of the naughty things we'd never dare ask our husbands.” “Oooooohhhhh….. Come on! I can see your cocks are up for us” said brunette Julie, leaning back so her blouse tightened over the peaks of her nipples. I felt my face go red as I looked down at the prominent peak in my swim shorts. Richard’s shorts were bulging in a ridge showing the outline of his erection perfectly, even its mushroom head. “Don't waste those lovely big erections just wanking” she continued “come back with us.” I’d been making do with masturbating every night. Richard and I were in a twin bed hotel room and from the rattling of his bed next to mine, rising to a frantic crescendo ending in his stifled grunts I could tell he’d been feeling the same. After a frustrated week we were as rampant as they come! We finished our beers in one gulp, slid off our bar stools and left with Julie and Linda. We strolled with them across the sun warmed path ...