1. Was It The "Wrong" Number? Ch. 02

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: bynosebone, Source: Literotica

    was a beautiful brunette with fair skin. She looked adorable with her pixie hair style. David was a handsome looking guy and looked a lot like his father. Angela was a beautiful, older woman with long, flowing brown hair. Her skin tone was darker than Kami. Maybe she liked to tan, I thought. I looked at Angela closer, there was something about her that was familiar. It was her eyes and cheek bones. I couldn't seem to place it though. "Life was hard. We struggled with money as we were both in school, and it got worse when David and Kami were born. We managed to fight our way through it, though. I finished college and was accepted to medical school. Angela was accepted to law school. We were finally on the path to have the life we'd always dreamed of." He smiled as he said the last sentence. "Angela and I were always open with the kids. We knew how kids are, so we made sure they knew about the birds and the bees, of course. I could always tell that they were close growing up from being twins, but they rarely fought and argued like most siblings. My wife and I didn't know that just after they turned 18, they gave one another their virginity in our own bed. Last summer, Angela and I found out what was going on when we came home from a dinner party a little early. We found them making love on the living room sofa." "Wow." I said. "Yeah, it was a bit of surprise." He laughed. "Even more so, when my wife told them to continue and began undressing me. We were soon all four in our ... bed. We made love together most of the night." "That's amazing. I still can't wrap my brain around it," I admitted. "I can understand, but you are trying to at least. Most people would just demand the four of us be locked up." "Yes, you're probably right there," I smiled. "Is there anything else you're curious about?" "Kami said that two of David's friends were involved as well." "Ah, yes, Tyler and Kyle." "How did that start?" "As it turns out, the three boys had been experimenting since the summer before their senior year. David and Kami had turned 18 in July. The following weekend, Angela, Kami and I attended Kami's soccer tournament in Atlanta. David had a summer job and decided to stay home that weekend to work. Apparently, the boys got into the liquor cabinet and Tyler had brought some pornographic videos. Their inhibitions were gone, aided by the alcohol, no doubt, and a joint masturbation session broke out." I smiled, thinking about the first time Lloyd had loaned me some porno tapes. I'd almost rubbed myself raw. "Apparently, this continued most of the night. I wished I was still that young and energetic." He winked at me. "The boys continued to experiment the remainder of that summer and fall, progressing to oral sex. When David began making love to his sister, he confided in the other two boys, much to my dismay. They were eager to try it as well, if Kami was willing. Fortunately, they came to me first and I gave the boys the same talk I've given you. They've all been ...