1. Eight Seconds

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: byKeithD, Source: Literotica

    "Stop that," Cal said with a groan, "You're gonna make me come." "That's the idea," Vince said, lifting his mouth off Cal's cock, his fingers still wrapped around the root of the shaft. They were an hour north of Denver on I-25, outside of Fort Collins, making about as good time as Cal's old rattling F150 pickup could do. Vince had been playing with Cal's exposed cock from the time they'd cleared Broomfield as Cal sat behind the wheel of the truck and fought to keep it pointed between the lane markings. Vince's mouth came back down over Cal's cock but remained open enough for him to intone numbers as he raised and lowered his mouth on the shaft. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight," he intoned in a muffled voice. "Very good." He murmured, as he raised his head off Cal's lap and sat up straighter in the passenger seat, but maintained a grip and stroking rhythm on the other cowboy's shaft with his hand. "You held it for at least the minimum eight seconds. Just remember that. Stay on the bull for eight seconds and you got it knocked and we'll be on to Laramie from Cheyenne. And then to Nationals in Vegas." "I mean it, Vince. You gotta stop beating me off or I'm gonna wreck us." "Then pull off before we get to Fort Collins and find someplace you can do me right. We got the time, and you know how keyed up I get before these contests. I need to be fucked. Pull over and give it to me right. Let me ride it." "God, Vince. Anyone else I'd just flip off. But OK, OK, I'll ... find someplace to stop—for a few minutes." "You'll stop for as long as it takes. You know I'm your one and only now, and nobody can get you off like I can. You know what you want to do with this dick, and you know I like to take my time." Cal brushed a hand he'd taken off the wheel at the fist squeezing his cock, but without success in getting Vince to loosen his grip. "I mean it. I'm gonna come, Vince." "Unless you want that to happen before you get it in me, you'd better find someplace to pull off to fast, right?" "I'm lookin'; I'm lookin'." * * * * The pickup was pulled up behind a closed gas station just off an I-25 exit short of the Fort Collins interchanges. An outbuilding created an alleyway between it and the back of the gas station, where the pickup was parked on broken concrete with tall clumps of grass growing up in the cracks. Cal was standing behind the lowered tailgate of the pickup, his worn jeans down around his ankles, his strong, calloused hands gripping Vince's spread legs at the calves. Vince lay on his back in the bed of the pickup, his jeans folded up and pillowing his head, his legs raised and spread, the ankles bound in leather loops attached to the back corners of the pickup's frame, one hand stroking his cock and the other one palming Cal's sternum, while Cal fucked him in long, deep strokes. They were both square-jawed handsome; lean, but muscular; and deeply tanned young cowboys, both in their mid-twenties, both with stars in their eyes of making the ...