1. Sister-in-law better than my wife

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: RAMMAM, Source: LushStories

    I am married to my high school sweetheart, Jennie, and have been for 18 years. My wife lost her mother to cancer when she was 9 years old and her father could not deal with the loss. Jennie had an older sister, Joan, who was 8 years older than Jennie. Joan was a big help in looking after her younger sister and kind of took over the responsibility of a mother. She cleaned and cooked and pretty much set the rules of the house. When Jennie and I were in 8th grade we started spending a lot of time together and soon made the committment to being boyfriend/girlfriend. Joan kind of looked on our relationship as puppy love and thought it was kind of cute. By the time we were 16 years old, I was 6"2' and 182 pounds. By now Joan was 24 years old and having fun being flirty with me. She usually flirted with me when Jennie was present just to tease her little sister. I really like Joan and she liked me. As playful as Joan was she had established strict rules for her little sister. She had told both of us that she did not want us to be alone in the house unless she or her father were home. Jennie and I had some pretty active hormones and Joan obviously didn't want us to end up having sex. Saturday's was her father's golf day and he would be gone for most of the day. Joan had a part time job at her dad's country club and she would work in the pro shop in the morning. They were never home on Saturday's and Jennie and I would spend the mornings together in the house. We were both virgins ... at 16 but we did a lot of making out and lettting our hormones work. One morning Jennie and I were laying on the couch kissing and making out; and much to our surprise Joan came in the back door and we never heard her. It had started to rain and the golf course pretty much shut down for the day. They didn't really need Joan, so they sent her home. Joan was really pissed off at us for breaking the rule that she had set and immediately started chewing us out. She then told Jennie to go upstairs to her room as she was going to read me the riot act. Two blocks from their house Jennie and Joans grandmother lived and the girls kind of took care of Gramma as she was a widow and alone. At that moment Joan said, "Jennie, don't go to your room. I want you to go over to Gramma's house and vacuum and help her with her laundry." Joan shooed Jennie off to Gramma's and I then expected that she was going to ream me out. Much to my surprise Joan didn't seem to be terribly upset. She then asked me why I violated the rule that I was not to be in the house with Jennie alone. Before I could answer, Joan asked me if Jennie and I were having sex. I told her no. Joan then asked me if I wanted to have sex with Jennie. I hesitated at first and then told her that I did, but Jennie said it would be a sin if we did and she would have to go to confession. She asked me if I had a condom, should the occassion arise were we did have sex. I told her that I did. It was becoming very apparent that Joan was ...