1. Tiernan

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories

    Tiernan was black Irish, rough black Irish. When he was growing up his family had a mobile home and they were forced to move from time to time when their presence was deemed unsavoury in an area. Naturally, the kids he encountered, especially the boys, were tough and fist fights were a regular occurrence. The fights were often encouraged by the fathers who enjoyed betting on the outcomes. In this environment, the rod was never spared and kids regularly had their backsides whipped. Kiernan and his four siblings were actually rather fortunate because his father’s discipline never extended beyond corporal punishment, unlike many other kids who were subjected to fists. The wives in this environment were also frequently punished. Many had to endure black eyes and bruises, but here again; Tiernan’s mother came off lightly. She was given a spanking at least twice a week, but Tiernan and his siblings were well aware that it was part of their parent’s foreplay and therefore, it didn’t cause them distress. The kids were all sent outside during one of these episodes. It always fascinated Tiernan, how his mother seemed to glow and his father sat gloating with masculine superiority when the children were again allowed indoors. He was always intrigued by the smell of sex pervading the interior afterwards. When Tiernan became a man which according to his ‘da’ was sixteen, his dad told him that women loved a man who showed control. “Don’t believe all the modern bullshit you hear, boy, women ... want a man who takes charge.” His dad, however, then went on to say, “Don’t ever be cruel like the other thugs around us, but always be sure show your authority.” These words had a great impact on Tiernan. He would never be violent to a partner in his life, but domination would always be part of his method. The soft approach to sex, however, always bored and dissatisfied him. If he couldn’t make a lover writhe and plead as he ‘oppressed’ them, then the entire exercise was a waste of time. ‘Agony and Ecstasy’ were like conjoined twins in his mind’s eye. One without the other was like watching a fish without fins, trying to swim. By the time Tiernan left his paternal dwelling to live on his own, he was five-foot-ten tall and eighteen-years-old. He wasn’t a huge guy but his body was solid and powerful. Tiernan was unconventionally good-looking. Being black Irish he obviously had a slightly darker complexion, unlike most of his fellow countrymen. His dark brown eyes were riveting and topped with luxurious dark eyebrows. The hair on his head was thick, straight, and jet black. Although shorter around the sides of his head, the hair on top was longer and slicked back with the hair oil he favoured. This oil gave his hair a shimmer that he particularly liked. Unfortunately, due to the many fights Tiernan was involved in his once handsome face was somewhat compromised. His former elegant nose had a sunken bridge having been broken on a few occasions. Beneath his nose, he had a thick ...