1. Out of the Friend Zone 2

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Hardcore, Author: CanadaMoose, Source: xHamster

    The next morning, when I woke up, I was afraid to open my eyes. I was afraid everything that happened last night was just a great dream. When the covers moved and I didn't was when I opened my eyes. All though still dark in the room, I knew I wasn't in mine. I took a glance over and saw her long blonde hair.I big smile crossed my face as I released it was not a dream, that it actually happened. I lay there for a moment, watching her, careful not to move so I didn't wake her. I don't know how much time passed as I watched her sleep, but enough did that I had to go to the washroom.I carefully got out of bed, and went to grab my clothes but remembered they were in the living room. I crept out of the bedroom and went to the bathroom. When that was done, I went to the living room and put on my boxers and t-shirt.I walked into the kitchen and took a look a round. I was debating on whether to make coffee for the both of us or just me when I heard her getting out of bed. She went to the bathroom and then came out with only a bath robe on."I thought you had left." She said as she walked over towards me."I promised I would stay, so I did. Unless you want me to go that is?" I replied. She walked over, grabbed my shirt and kissed me. "I guess I can stick around." I leaned down and kissed her again."You made coffee!! Are you after my heart or something?" She said with a smile and laugh. She did have the most amazing smile. She took a big sip. Thankfully it wasn't too hot. "Any big plans ... for the day?" She asked."I guess that depends on low long you want me to stick around for." I said back."He isn't supposed to be coming back till tomorrow evening." She said. "So we have all day to hang out. And after tomorrow night, he won't be back again. Shouldn't take him long to pack up his things and move out.""You sure this is what you want? I mean, I really enjoyed last night. It was a dream come true, but I don't want you to feel like it I am pressuring you.""No pressure." She said. "I have thought about ending it before. I just needed the right push to make the choice. And you are the one I want to be with.""Okay. I just wanted to make sure that last night was not just something crazy that happened and you regretted it.""It was crazy, and right, and amazing. It was everything but a regret." She said with a big smile."Good." I said as I walked over to her. She put her now empty coffee cup down in the sink. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her. She kissed me back as she wrapped her arms around my neck.At first it was just some light kissing, but I wanted more. I pulled her into me and opened my mouth. She did the same and I slid my tongue in. She pulled her arms tighter around my neck as I moved my hands down her back. I moved them down, rubbing her ass. When my hands reached the bottom, I squeezed, on cheek in each hand.She jumped a bit and let out a soft moan. "You do like my ass, don't you?" she said after pulling away a bit."Of course I do! It is nice ...