1. Bar Bet Weekend Pt. 02

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: BDSM, Author: byLiseKLord, Source: Literotica

    Rina slept with vivid dreams that night, sexy dreams that were also scary dreams. Somewhere in the dark she woke up remembering her shocking activities in the bar and felt nauseous with shame. And then she realized that her hand had slipped down between her legs. She was unconsciously stroking her clit and rapidly climbing the mountain towards another shattering orgasm. And she couldn't stop herself. Afterwards she cried herself into a deep and dreamless sleep. "Rise and shine, sleepy slut!" Joly stripped off the covers and smacked her roommate's bare ass. "I have let you sleep long enough. It's already 11 a.m. and I want my little maid to serve me breakfast...well, brunch now, I guess." Rina blinked as the bright light of the late morning shone through the wide open blinds. "Right." she thought, "No privacy, no clothes, high heels and just serve out the penalty of this forfeited bet." Joly was dressed in panties and a tee shirt that read "Bitch!" Rina had never seen it before. Hmmm. The newly maid Mistress watched as Rina slipped off the bare mattress and into her heels. "How may I serve you, Joly?" Joly tossed her the revealing cum stained 'fuck me' dress from the bar last night. "Get your ass down to the bakery and get us some chocolate and almond croissants, and then head over to the fruit store for some melon and berries. Then I want you back here making me a nice tray with a large latte." "Dressed in this?" "Sure! You are my slut, aren't you? You should look like a ... slut. Be glad I don't paint Joly's toy on your forehead in lipstick! Afterwards we are going shopping. If you think this little shopping jaunt risqué..." She left the image hanging sending a new shiver of fear through the apparently submissive roomie. Rina shimmied into the stained lycra trying to impossibly stretch it into something more appropriate for grocery store wear. She looked in the mirror and gave her hair a quick brush, noticed the obvious stains on the dress and watched the flush of red rising over her upper chest and flooding her face. Part of her wanted to scream and run away. But another, more shadowy part, that part that came alive in her restless dreams, was triggering the arousal. Her nipples stiffened and her pussy began to moisten. Shaking her head she murmured, "You really are a shameful slut!" Rina rang the bell for the elevator and heard another apartment door open. Her gay neighbour Stephen - the wicked bastard who had proposed this bet in the first place - emerged with his latest Grinder conquest from the night before. "Oh lookie here! Here's the slut I was telling you about...the one who blew the guy in the bar naked for all to see. Guess her Mistress is still making her pay off the bet. Hi Rina...Hoooowww's it going? Ooooh, are those stains what I think they are? Tsk, tsk." If possible, Rina's blush deepened further. The elevator doors opened and she dashed in. Stephen and his fuck buddy sauntered in behind her. The doors slid closed. "Show us your ...