1. Dear Diary #3

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: ElizabethDalton, Source: xHamster

    Dear Diary #3"You are a wonderful kisser, and it was a perfect first kiss, but you might want to move that unless you plan on taking my virginity tonight." It was an open invitation, and I certainly wouldn't object, but I doubted he was quite ready for that step."I don't mind us giving each other pleasure, but you should save that for someone you truly love," he said as he started kissing his way down my body.God, he was dense sometimes, but his lips were magical. Remember how I said my breasts were sensitive? Having him suck in my nipples was about a thousand times better than anything I had ever done alone. Apparently, my request to make me feel like a woman he loves was all he needed to hear.His mouth engulfed most of my breast and his tongue worked over my nipple like me trying to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. My first climax came when he pulled back and grazed his teeth over the hardened nub. He kept nibbling on it as I shook and moaned, only pulling away once my climax ended."I know you like making comparisons to my other girlfriends, so let me tell you that you have the most amazing nipples I have ever seen. They are bigger and more sensitive than any girl I have ever been with." I couldn't help but glow at his compliment.I guess the spirits had to give me something to make up for short-changing me on everything else. My breasts were little more than rounded bumps on my chest, but my nipples were the size of a ripe cherry when I was aroused.I could feel ... his finger rubbing over my juicy lips as he took the other nipple in his mouth. I was very thankful for all his other girlfriends, because he had learned how to make a woman feel amazing with them and I was benefiting from that experience now."Suck it harder big br0ther, it won't break," I moaned as he worked my nipple over.The increased pressure and his finger stroking over my clit set me off again and I moaned as I started shaking under him. I couldn't believe how easily he was making me climax and how intense the feelings were. My nipples and clit were throbbing in time with my racing heartbeat and every inch of my body burned with pleasure.I whimpered as he started kissing down my body, afraid and excited to find out how good it would feel when he started licking my pussy. His tongue traced along my outer lips, cleaning up the secretions from my previous climaxes. I was purring with pleasure when I heard him inhale deeply before smiling up at me."When we get to college, and you start dating, never do anything with a man who refuses to lick your pussy. Your smell is intoxicating and you taste delicious. Any man who says otherwise or refuses to do this for you isn't worth your time anyway."He spread my legs a bit more and used his fingers to open my lips. His tongue traced over my inner lips and across my maidenhead. It was very erotic feeling, but he avoided my clit to build me up slower. After a couple minutes of his gentle teasing, I was panting and begging him to lick my ...