1. A Jessie McClintock Story - GHOST

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Supernatural, Author: GingerDaddyOh, Source: LushStories

    Melissa hurried down the street hunched against the rain. Her wispy blonde hair matted down to a dull brown in the downpour. The coat she held carelessly against the aggressive storm molded to her slight frame. Yet it wasn’t the weather she was trying to avoid. It was the stares. The inescapable feeling that everyone knew. Knew what had happened to her. Knew she had changed. Knew that she was a boiling cauldron of lust, desire, and need. Knew all they had to do was demand it and she would fall to the floor legs open, ready for a conquest she was all too well aware would not satiate the ever insistent desire within her. This appointment tonight filled her with a modicum of hope. Her doctor had made her believe this could be the solution. It had to be. Because Melissa wasn’t sure she could survive another day. Not. One. More. Day. Not like this. The street numbers flew past, but then she stopped. She’d gone too far. She back tracked and still couldn’t find it. But it had to be here. It had to … There, a barely visible alleyway descending into pitch darkness. Away from the street lights. Away from the people. A dark crevice that beckoned her to enter and explore. Was this her destiny? One final bad choice made out of inconsiderate need? If so, so be it. If careening into the mouth of danger was what it took, Melissa would accept her fate. What other option did she have? Jessie ran her hands through her long brown hair, leaned back and smiled. After endless weeks of moving ... into a new office, she was finally settled in. All that was left was to kick her feet up on her new desk, fold her arms behind her head, and let loose a satisfied… KNOCK, KNOCK. Shit. That didn’t take long. Jessie had moved because her particular brand of expertise tended to bring out the nutcases and horndogs. She had patience for neither. Well, sometimes the horndogs were useful, but not at her place of business. She’d been aggressive early in her career, talking up what she did and passing out business cards like candy on Halloween. She’d been worried that she wouldn’t have enough business to survive otherwise. Turns out she was wrong. People had all sorts of weird things happen in their lives. Things they couldn’t explain and things they couldn’t deal with on their own. But the world is unkind to people who present problems that don’t fit into neat little boxes. Jessie knew this all too well. So if you were willing to listen and able to help, those lost souls tended to find you. One way or another, they usually came knocking on her door. “Come in.” The doorknob turned slowly. A tiny young blonde came in, eyes darting, body trembling. Jessie had seen this before. The poor girl was in The Grip. She looked frail, but people in this state could be dangerous as well. Like a trapped animal, confused and scared. These first meetings were always intense, and always interesting. “Are you Mrs. McClintock?” “Ms. You?” The girl stepped all the way inside now. She quickly sized up the ...