1. The Trapper

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories

    Tobias was a big, strong, and hairy. He was an excellent hunter, and trapper, and lived in the rugged Canadian outback in the eighteen-fifties. He had built his log cabin on his own and made a good living from the pelts and meat that was able to trade. The only thing missing from his life was tenderness. He wanted a person who would love and care for him, and most importantly, succumb to his primal needs in the warmth of his bed. Tobias had always been socially awkward around women and yearned for the tenderness of a pretty young man, in an age where homosexuality was heavily frowned upon. Tobias knew that he would have to select the youngster with great care. Thus far, he had not been successful, but that all changed one fortuitous day when he was returning home after a successful hunting trip. A day away from his home, Tobias spotted a log cabin where he envisioned seeking refuge for the night. His Huskies had performed brilliantly, as always, and he needed to rest them up before their final stint home. After approaching the owner of the cabin, Luther, he asked for sanctuary for the evening. Luther unhesitatingly and graciously agreed before Tobias was introduced to Luther’s family. Luther had four sons and a wife. The three older sons were big strapping lads like their dad, but the youngest boy was small, timid, and pretty like his mother. Benjamin, the youngest boy, had the most mesmerizing blue eyes that Tobias had ever seen. Tragically, ten years before when Benjamin ... was six, he had become mute after almost being killed by a pack of wolves. Benjamin’s affliction was not physical, but merely mental. Resultantly, he was shy and withdrawn and unceasingly hovered around his mother. Luther generously invited Tobias to sup with his family that evening. After their meal, Tobias, Luther, and the three older boys remained around the table, while Benjamin and his mother cleaned up. Not long after, all four boys and their mother decided to turn in for the night. Intrigued by Benjamin, Tobias now began to ask Luther more about his younger son. Luther expressed his concern about the boy, bemoaning the fact that he was useless doing ‘men’s work.’ “We already have a woman in the house and we don’t need a second one,” Luther informed Tobias. “I’ll give the boy a job,” Tobias offered, candidly. Tobias then went on to inform Luther that he needed someone to cook and keep house for him. He further added that given the remoteness of his cabin and the fact that he was away from home frequently, he actually believed a male housekeeper would be more suitable to his needs. Having planted the seed, Tobias awaited a reaction from Luther. He could clearly see Luther’s mind working overtime as he deliberated the unexpected proposition. These were hard times and taking care of a surplus mouth to feed was a burden. After a prolonged silence Tobias decided to sweeten the deal. “Luther, I know that raising the boy was not cheap. Naturally, I’m willing to compensate you ...