1. Meet Me In the Janitor's Closet

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Mature / Older, Author: byMisterNatural, Source: Literotica

    A tale set in Albany, New York back in 1962... For Rose Calhoun, her years at the girls only St. Catherine's High School weren't much like the other girls in her class seemed to be. There was no endless stream of boyfriends for Rose, and since she wasn't all that good at making friends she got left out of most of the other stuff her classmates did, like sleepovers and parties. Not helping was the fact that Rose had stayed back in 8th grade, mostly due to poor attendance due to a lengthy illness, so not only was she older than her classmates she was thought of as not only unattractive but slow as well. Rose wasn't slow, but her grades were decidedly mediocre and while the cherubic teen wasn't ugly, she was very plain looking and the extra 30 pounds she carried didn't help her popularity with the boys in the neighborhood. As a matter of fact, the only boy she had a real relationship during those years wasn't a boy at all but a man, her Uncle Larry, who wasn't really an uncle at all but a friend of her father's who hung around the house a lot. So as graduation neared and there was no prom on the horizon for Rose, she was down in the dumps until something very strange started to happen. The janitor at the school, Ralph Cobb, had started to get very friendly with her when no one else was looking. Mr. Cobb had always been very nice to Rose, but this was different and the short conversations they had when no one was around took on a very adult tone until finally one day the old ... man suggested something to Rose on the final day of school. "You just gotta be sure nobody sees you going in there because that would be powerful bad for both of us," Ralph Cobb told Rose, his toothy smile contrasting with the deep crimson lips and the coal black skin of the 62 year old janitor. "On account of you're a Negro?" Rose had replied, using the terminology popular back in the early 60's, and Ralph grinned at that. "That, plus I'm suppose to be working and not talking to pretty girls in the janitor's closet," Ralph suggested. "Is that what we're going to do Mr. Cobb, talk?" Rose replied as she fiddled with the combination on her locker while Mr. Cobb pushed the broom around her when somebody came around the corner. "That, and maybe other things," he suggested with a wink as he looked at the plump girl's bosom in the baggy white uniform top. "I tell you child, you done a lot of growing up lately. Either that or you're stuffing that bra of yours. They real?" "Of course they're real," Rose blushed, her skin tingling when she felt the old man's eyes on her chest. "Heh-heh. I guess those beauties are real," Mr. Cobb noted when he saw the outline of the teen's nipples through her bra and blouse. "You got some big nipples on you too. They must be if I can seem them through the blouse and the bra. They get stiff because of me looking at them?" "Don't make fun of me Mr. Cobb," Rose complained as she crossed her arms over her bosom. "I'm not child. Just thinking about how ...