1. Chores for the neighbor

    Date: 5/16/2018, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: taylorsam, Source: LushStories

    My name is Lori Samuels, I am thirty four years old. Married these past ten years to my wonderful husband Marty. I’m 5’ 6” about 135 pounds. I think I in fairly good shape with full 34 C breasts that I like to show off. For the first three years of our marriage Marti and I tried to have a child but failed. We found out that I had cysts on my ovaries that would prevent me from having children. We considered adopting but decided against that option. Our sex life had always been good but I was brought up conservative and had a hard time trying new things like Marty wanted. I had kissed his cock a few times but thought sucking it was dirty, let alone the idea of his cum in my mouth was out of the question when we got married. I had always been faithful to Marty, something he cannot say. About four years ago he had an affair with an intern at his company. The dumb shit brought her home and was fucking her in our bed when he thought I was going to be at work all day. I came home early and heard some noise in the bedroom. I walked in finding this young girl on her hands and knees on my bed. Marty was behind her shoving his cock into her cunt. I usually don’t use the word cunt but that became her name to me. That was one of those positions that Marty had tried to get me to do but I wouldn’t. I screamed running out of the house. I stayed at a hotel for several days till I finally accepted Marty’s call. He apologized for an hour straight. He admitted that he had fucked the cunt ... numerous times over the last few weeks. It was her youthful sexuality that weakened him is claimed. While I went back with him, it was six months before I let him back in our bed and another month before I let him have sex with me. One weekend night we were at a party and I got a little drunk. Marty took me home helping me up to our bedroom. I took my clothes off and spread out on the bed. In my drunken voice, I told him to fuck me like he did that little cunt. Marty did as he was told and fucked me hard. It was a good fuck. As we lay there after Marty deposited his load in me, I asked him, “Be honest what did that little cunt have that I don’t?” “Don’t do this honey,” he pleaded. “I told you I forgave you, I want to know. What did she have or do that I don’t?” I slurred. “It wasn’t so much what she did as it was this young thing wanted me. It made me feel special and sexy. Don’t get mad but she sucked my dick, and it was pretty good.” A week later in bed I worked my way down to his waist and gave my first blow job. Marty was very excited even though I wasn’t ready to taste him cum he drenched my tits with his cum. Blow jobs became part of our normal sex life and I learned to take his cum in my mouth and like it. Our sex life did get better as I got more open about sex. That brings us to our neighbors. The Johnson’s moved in about a year ago. They are a nice couple a little old than Marty and me. Their son Jason was seventeen about to be eighteen entering his senior year of high ...